Hrd Planning, Managing And Reviewing Performance

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HRD Planning, Managing and Reviewing Performance

HRD Planning, Managing and Reviewing Performance

Essay 1: Discuss how training and development can contribute to the development of an organization's human capital and create an advantage over competitors.


Successful organizations increase productivity, efficiency and reach their goals by developing their most important resource, its employees. Training is a primary function of human resources management that develops employees by giving them the required tools and knowledge to meet future challenges. The British employee faces the same challenges of any civilian organization such as meeting the objectives within established timelines, budget constraints and a fixed amount of resources. To meet the organizational objectives the employee needs to develop and retain employees capable of completing their mission (Wood et al, 2004). An organizations training needs continually change as technology upgrades expand the roles and responsibilities of an individual employee. Changes to the training program are constantly evolving to meet the demand for increased employee skills. The first step to developing a training program is to identify the training needs of the organization so that a program can be designed and implemented to meet those needs. The employee has tailored a training program designed to satisfy today's training needs and prepare the organization to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Employee training and development isn't just about attending seminars and learning about the latest equipment. Rather, it's also about creating a nurturing, supportive workplace - one that will keep your employees happy, hardworking, and in turn, profitable. Author describe that in this age of technology and information, there has been a gradual but significant change in the demand for human resources in the workplace. Hardworking but uneducated and illiterate employees are the thing of the past. These days, skilled employees are needed in most industries. Factory workers must be literate in operating machineries, soldiers must know how to use the latest high-tech weapons and communication technology, and finance professionals must know how to use financial software and new information/communication technologies.

An organization can use many forms of training. Training is important in an organization because of the different types of jobs within the organization and career path. Employees must be trained to do his or her job in order to help the organization succeed and achieve profits. The organization can use more than one type of training method to train employees. The following training methods may be used in the organization to help employees learn the jobs which will result in the company's objectives. Whether the organization prepares its own training programs or buys training from other organizations, it is important to verify that the content of the training relates directly to the training objectives (Kraiger, K, McLinden, D, Casper, WJ 2004).

Many large companies today are using the Internet or Intranet to train new and current employees. This method is easy and for this reason one can be certain that the employee is getting the information he or she needs to complete the ...
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