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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


The study of strategic behavior in regards to Global Mining Services GMS and its current strategies will define an argumentative analysis on the downsizing and forgoing of employees in the organization, which will allow the system to survive in the competition in both the short and long term, which has sharply increased in recent decades. The paper aims to discuss how companies in the fierce competition and rapidly changing environment should not only focus on the internal state of affairs, but also to develop a long-term strategy that will enable them to keep pace with the changes taking place in their neighborhood. Today calls for such controls that ensures that the adaptation of the system to a rapidly changing environment. However, the same goes for all the company's strategy exists, as there is no single universal policy management (Bechet, 2008).

Organization, in a general sense, the system is unique, so complex, and unique process of selecting strategic alternatives. In modern international management category of “strategic human resource management” is not new, but as the area of management of strategic management has been recognized in the 60-70s, and his first destination was the selection of the control at the highest level in the special prerogative. However, the HR challenge is to take the real strategic role it deserves in companies. This task will only be possible with a lot of application, ability, and strong ability to persuade and conquer spaces. Nevertheless, undoubtedly needs to pass by the ability of HR to equip technologically to get fast answers to the strategic planning of organizations in a globalized world (Connolly, 2012).

Historically known as Personnel Management, the Human Resources department is responsible, quite generic, run by people within the organization but the question arises how to lead effectively if you have hundreds or thousands of employees under the management. Moreover, the other question attached to such ideology is how to get a map of competences and its employees to a career plan or an internal recruitment and how to make an effective career planning. This is when you need an HR management system.

Among other benefits, a system of human resources management reduces costs and improves efficiency by reducing paper and reduced workflow, automating routine and repetitive activities where possible to minimize errors and increase productivity. Reducing errors is cost minimization condition and a factor of credibility for HR policies, making employees more committed, which generates a more competitive company today in a globalized and highly competitive (David, 2008).


The constant change, coupled with fierce competition makes it harder than ever to retain the employees. This causes turnover rates that affect the financial results in practice, which gives freedom to the employees to use the self-service systems. The processes develop a workforce increasingly informed about matters affecting the company and HR so Overall, the increase in speed of response systems / Human Resources activities, and ensuring decisions with more precision on the part of managers and employees (Fisher, 2000).

It also allows a management system that the HR team put ...
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