Hrm Questions/Answers

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HRM Questions/Answers

HRM Questions/Answers

Question One: Two Types of Sexual Harassment

Harassment means any verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, which is unwanted by the person (Stier, 2005.Two types of harassment are:

Sexual Coercion

In Unites States, this type of sexual Harassment is also known as the quid pro quo harassment. This type of Harassment is considered as employment discrimination and has direct and effects on the employment of the victim. This type is under the condition of employment, where an implicitly or openly offer in getting promotion or keeping job is made by employee's supervisor in exchange of sexual favors.

Sexual Annoyance

This type of Sexual harassment is about creating a hostile work environment. In this type of harassment that occurs is really a sexual blackmail ( This type of sexual harassment is unwelcoming and demeaning sexually related behavior which is a hostile, offensive, or intimidating to the victim. However it does not have any relationship with job benefit.

Many countries have considered Sexual Harassment as crime including United States thus established effective law against Sexual harassment under the title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which help victims in getting justice. Victim employees can go to court when faced with any of the above mentioned type of sexual Harassment while employers can establish strict policies against the Sexual harassment.

Question Two: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

US congress passed this Act in July 1990, which prohibits discrimination against persons with physical or mental disabilities ( According to this law Employment discrimination is prohibited against only qualified individuals with disabilities. It consists of applicant for employees and employment. This act states that a person have disability if he/she is mentally or physically impairment which hinders various activities of life ADA has positively impacted both employer and employee. This Act has helped in guiding employers. On the other hand employees being discriminated with the help of law are able to get their rights properly yet they are being discriminated but the ratio has decreased because of this Act.

Question Three: Importance of Internet Recruitment

When employers plan to recruit people for their organizations they generally expect it to be hassle. Large numbers of applications are received by effective employers sometimes they find the right people and sometimes they fail to do. Cost is incurred in recruiting employees to day in order to reduce recruiting cost online recruitment is considered as the best ...
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