Hrm: Recruitment And Selection At Tesco

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HRM: Recruitment and selection at TESCO

HRM: Recruitment and selection at TESCO


The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the recruitment and selection process of Tesco. Tesco is a significant international retailer. As a global business, the company perceives itself as having a vital role to play in helping to minimize its environmental impacts.

Although based in the United Kingdom, Tesco PLC has developed into an international grocery and general merchandising chain, employing 440,000 staff worldwide and with sales exceeding £59 billion (in the year ending February 2009). Operating income exceeded £3 billion. These figures make Tesco the largest British retailer in terms of both combined sales and domestic market share, and the third largest in the world after Wal-Mart (United States) and Carrefour (France). It is claimed that £1 in every £7 of UK retail sales goes the way of Tesco.

1. Define the terms recruitment and selection. How do these processes enable an Organization like Tesco to get the right people to fill its posts?

Recruitment and selection is a process of screening out the right candidate for the job description. On the other hand, selection is the process of selecting the right candidate for the job description. Chiavenato (1999) presents a fairly comprehensive definition of recruitment, the process of recruitment, is a set of techniques and procedures aimed at attracting qualified candidates potentially able to occupy positions within the organization. It is a system whereby the organization provides market reports and Human Resource (HR), the opportunity for employment is to be filled.

The process of recruitment and selection enables Tesco to get the right people, to fill its posts in such a way, that Tesco follows the complete process of recruitment and selection. In order to get the right person, Tesco helps posts ad in the newspaper to attract the candidates, and then these candidates are screened through the entire recruitment process.

Tesco follows a complete recruitment procedure as followed:

Transfers (pan) 

Promotions (vertical and horizontal) 

Transfer promotions 

Development Programs Tesco tries to follow a policy of filling vacancies in the upper hierarchy, through promotions or transfers. In making this internal process, Tesco can leverage the investment in a way it has made in recruitment, selection, training and development of existing staff. This recruitment process with a build occurs when a vacancy, the company seeks to fill through the relocation of their employees, which can be promoted, transferred or transferred to climb. For this type of recruitment, it is successful that there must be coordination between the national HR and other organs of Tesco. 

2. Describe how job descriptions and person specifications are helpful in the selection process? What other purposes might a job description be used for?

Job description and person specifications are helpful in the selection process in such a way that a job description helps in knowing that what the basic requirements of this job are. Job description is the description of the responsibilities and tasks which a person has to perform in his jobs. It is easy for the selectors that if the ...
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