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Customer Experience Journey mapping in HSBC Bank UK

Chapter # 3: Methodology

This chapter comprise of all the methods used for the collection of data and the philosophy behind the choice of methods.

Methodology Choice

The purpose of the dissertation is to discover the customer journey mapping at HSBC, UK. The dissertation is more practical in nature, analysing the customer journey mapping and customer relationship management of HSBC, both is a strategic marketing tools. The researcher would be analysing the relationship with customer and its effectiveness with business performances/service performances. The researcher will compare the corporate social responsibilities with its competitors, Barclays bank and Lloyds TSB. These two banks are most competitor bank in retails banking industry in UK.

Research Philosophy

The beliefs of study are divided into three classes that are positivism, realism and interpretivism have distinct and largely based on the structure and development of information and method (Saunders and Thornhill, 2007). Beliefs research is an important part in the perception of the world.

Positivism is the methodology that sees the propositions of existing ideas with appropriate data and support. It connects these ideas to the functional values. The findings of the study of this methodology are shown generalizations like the law, which means that the findings of all investigations in the same region should show the same result. Another consequence of the methodology is that the study is directed in a value-free, this makes the limitation that the researcher is not able to exploit or be exploited by the research subject.

Realism is a direct realism and critical realism. Direct realism defines that reality is what you see and he strives to relate to reality. Critical realism rather states that the world must be seen in many points of view. The main concept of realism is to contemplate the true non-aligned in the human mind.

Interpretivism is the belief of regulation means that, for example, conduct and heritage can be recognized through the study of information, ideals and thoughts of people. This belief is preferable and cooperation in investigations into the marketing and organizational behaviour.

Based on the study question and the reason of this thesis, the intention is to interpret the subject of study involving a positivist and set appropriate interpretivistic closer.

Research Procedure

There are three main schemes of study and each scheme has its strengths and weaknesses (Yin, 2003).

An exploratory study is cooperative if investigations of a phenomenon or when conclusions are predictable. This system is beneficial if the study objective is to focus the incident of an incident. In general, the study question that begins with "what" is used (Yin, 2003). A study explains the agreements with the issues that need to be tracked over time. This plan would help to find causation between variables. The research questions that begin with "why" and "how" are likely to carry out an exploratory study (ibid). A descriptive study focuses on the specific result with a particular incident. The result itself is minor principal (ibid).

Methods for Data Collection

The researcher believes wherever a company ...
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