Human Observation Project

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Human Observation Project

Human Observation Project

Problem Statement

Attention span is the amount of time a child can concentrate on a task without being distracted. Loss of attention span is common in children. School or learning activities require a longer attention span. Parents and teachers often complain that children just do not want to pay attention. Short attention span in children can be easily fixed with just little effort. Many classrooms these days involve a range of interactive patterns, using teacher-led activities, pair work and group work to varying degrees, depending on learning needs, purposes and contexts. Using a range of activities requires the teacher to move in and out of different interactive patterns smoothly and efficiently ((Doyle, 1986). Pair and group work also requires different teacher skills from those involved in teacher-led activities. Efficient transitions through the various lesson phases arc integral to effective classroom management. The attention span of children of age 5 - 7 years varies in classroom.

Theory of Statement

Some children have attention disorders are usually accompanied by hyperactivity, although this is not always obvious. Children with attention disorders have trouble controlling their behavior and school performance can be low, representing a challenge for parents, teachers, pediatricians, and themselves. What is the disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? The disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (TAH) is a problem related to the behavior that characterizes children as impulsive, restless and highly active or with little or no ability to maintain attention. This is also known as children with scattered attention, his intelligence in most cases it is normal or above average, sometimes altered their learning, not necessarily that this is a condition of it (Wainryb, 1992). It is seen more frequently in boys than in girls and affects mainly preschool age, they know that their behavior is exceedingly naughty child and that it is difficult to control, behavior that parents should be understood to provide all the support and opportunities for development (Kohn, 1999). It can sometimes be confused with the attitude that expresses the child to draw parents' attention, but this is temporary and is usually associated with a change in family dynamics. How do I know if my child has a disorder in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder? The manifestations of HIT generally start at three years and must be discarded before any other medical problems, emotional (Armstrong, 1991). TAH children have problems paying attention, are generally unusually active and playful, some are not paying attention and hyperactive-impulsive but not all children sometimes act this way but with TAH do most of the time. Although they may show signs of TAH at an early age, is identified when he starts school, faced with the structures and rules of conduct (Guevremont and Russell, 1992).


The observation was done on July 17, 2011 in between 8 00 am and 10 30 am. In the first account, we went to the principal's building and then to the specified classroom where we decided to observe.


We chose the local neighborhood kindergarten school for the class room observation ...
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