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Human Resource Management

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The position of loan interviewer/clerk is comprised of many aspects that are expected from potential candidates of employment. This documentation will serve as a guide to equip the human resources agents at your company to better assess the job analysis of said position, use the right tools to select the most qualified candidate, facilitate a successful and thorough orientation for the position with the novel hire, and how to effectively train the new employee to be a great asset to the company. All facets of the hiring process are proclaimed in this documentation and should be used to effectively prepare the candidate for your company and explain why the featured tactics should be used. Please adhere to all four pertinent sections of this documentation, including the PowerPoint presentation associated with it.

Human Resource Management

Executive Summary

This documentation was formulated to facilitate, enumerate, and promulgate the particulars for human resource professionals to manage the position of loan interviewer/clerk. The information and materials included will assist the HR professionals in the four separate functions of job analysis, selection process and interview, orientation, and training, all towards helping the company meet its goals. The job analysis provides the job description of loan interviewer/clerk, job expectations, the job functions, and importance of teamwork in the company. The selection process and interview focuses the internal and external recruiting methods used to assimilate the loan interviewer/clerk into the company. Internally, job boards are vital to post job availability within the company.

The documentation includes a scripted monologue for the HR professional to convey to the new hires. This script describes the expectations as an employee of the company and covers four main objectives for initiation into the company. Professionalism, privacy and confidentiality, sexual harassment, and immigration are the four objectives covered in the scripted orientation. The training section covers the job promotion map that will help in explaining how the loan interviewer/clerk can excel in the company.

Selection Process & Interview

The recruiting methods used to acquire the best candidate for the position of loan interviewer/clerk will encompass both internal and external conscripting techniques. Posting job availabilities on job boards, employee referrals, and public employment agencies are just a few examples of internal and external recruiting methods. The following will provide a descriptive outline to the recruiting methods used to qualify the potential candidates. One internal way may be posting the job availability on a job board within the company. One advantage to job posting or job boards is the opportunity to have already motivated workers, in the company, getting a leg up from a higher position. He or she will already know what is expected to continue the success of the company. Overall policies of the company would not have to be discussed because the person was recruited within the company.

Another external way of recruiting for a loan clerk is employee referrals. This is a great recruitment because it allows the company to always grow and be motivated ...
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