Human Trafficking In The Czech Republic

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Human trafficking in the Czech Republic


Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery. The trafficking of human beings is an old phenomenon and constant. It is to reduce individuals to the status of a slave and to make the most of what is possible to derive the greatest benefit. As always, all conceivable means used by traffickers to get there: deception, corruption, violence, coercion, kidnapping, blackmail, threats, imprisonment, confiscation of identity documents.


Trafficking is one of the worst infringements of fundamental rights and freedoms, which is not only violated human dignity, but seriously endangering the health and very lives of the victims. Not infrequently, is being threatened violence against family members used as an effective means to compel obedience to the victim. It also states that human trafficking is one of the most profitable forms of international organized crime. Profits offenders are compared to the profits from illegal shops weapons and drugs, the two "most lucrative" all forms of organized crime. (Destefano, p.102)

Currently, most talk about these forms of trafficking (distribution according to the purpose for which they are victims of exploitation):

For the purpose of sexual exploitation / forced prostitution (sexual intercourse, but also other forms of

Sexual abuse

Forced labor, practices similar to slavery, debt bondage, forced service, the


For removal of organs or tissues

Forced begging and forced to commit petty crimes,

Forced marriages.

Especially in the context of armed conflicts on the African continent are mentioned so-called child soldiers. This area of trafficking is not the relevant point of view of Czech Republic

Lessons learned from police investigations show that the evolving modus operandi organized groups of offenders, especially those who are involved in sexual exploitation women. The element of violence or physical coercion may not always be clearly visible, on the contrary, women sometimes they keep a greater portion of earnings. This indirectly points to the fact that the perpetrators have already learned and use sophisticated OF minute updates forms of coercion, especially psychological coercion. And because they are victims of what and less willing to provide any evidence against the perpetrators. Also, sentences offenders can be when not used gross physical violence is much lower. This shift to less violent methods of coercion is recorded throughout Europe and raises a number of controversial and legally complex issues. But it also justifies the need for highly specialized methods of securing ...
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