I Am David (Holm) And I Am David (Feig)

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I Am David (Holm) and I Am David (Feig)

1. David leaves Sophie somewhere in Switzerland and continues to travel on foot. David passes through Frankfurt, Germany, then goes on to Denmark, and finally arrives in Copenhagen. Why does the director, Feig, choose to omit the whole episode with the farmer and King the dog from his film?

A young David, who escaped from the site in the Bulgarian Communist Party and conservative, occupied the attention of a compass and instructions to the letter to Denmark. David captured the voyage all the way through the early 50's in Europe, revealing the common humanity to all the young men there, but he is an exciting event full of risks.

David had a congenital doubt, just because he is a stranger, for he suspected those who contributed to a strange land. David's journey to read as some immature boy new pen exciting activities, a cargo ship he left, wandering Europe, is one instance, and there are some people he met all the personal lives continue to results. The Tiber to make this trip so much talent, it seems than what manuscript, and gave David the human personality "Children" actor is familiar does not include painting or the original capacity building further. When the 12-year-old named Sophie found the film / novel really good at a woman. David learned the faith and Sophie to unlock and it is, the secret was revealed and the true role of David to become known to the recipient and David, his point. He has been living in the camps must not be allowed to stay feel extra food than the next. After his friend and teacher, Johannes, and he does not mean death to any person to allow himself any warmth.

Due to the irrelevancy with farmer and king, the ...
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