I Am Woman

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Lee Maracle: I am Woman

Lee Maracle: I am Woman

This volume of twenty-three essays comes out of the International Seminar on Canadian Studies held in January 2000 at the Centre for Canadian Studies at Union Christian College in Alwaye, Kerala. alike volumes such as Canadian Studies: New Perspectives (New Delhi: Creative publications, 1998) show keen interest in Canadian investigations by young Indian scholars, who offer valuable comparative perspectives on the two nations' shared colonial and postcolonial familiarity, although diverse. The major themes of the essays in this collection are cultural persona (tellingly, the word persona" appears in the titles of more than half of the term papers) as well as "encounters of the colonial, migratory, cross-cultural, legal, multilingual, and many more types" (Preface). general, the publication is a laudable effort in engaging with the anxieties of both nations with multiculturalism and multilingualism, the changing rank and function of women, first-nation peoples' privileges (Tribals' privileges in India), and even postcolonial writing schemes in general.

There appears to be specific interest in the native literature of Canada - particularly in Tomson Highway's performances, The Rez Sisters and Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing. There are studies of communicate narrative in Wendy Lill's play The Occupation of Heather increased and of the search for racial persona in Christine Welsh's documentary Women in the Shadows. One term paper on native women's composing investigates the use of subversive first-person narrative to achieve subjectivity in Beatrice Culleton's April Raintree, Jeanette Armstrong's Slash, and Lee Maracle's I Am Woman, but it scrounges excessively from Canadian Literature's special issue on native publications revised by W. H . New. Another discussion of native short fiction - specifically Lee Maracle' s short stories "Charlie" and "Maggie" - promises a "reconception of the aesthetic of native writing" (188), yet the article demonstrates ...
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