Identity: Art, Culture, And Self

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Identity: Art, Culture, and Self

Identity: Art, Culture, and Self

Art is about ideas and representing them into visible perceptions and concepts. These ideas come from the heart and mind of the individual artist, putting all the talent they have into the artwork. In a way, that makes everyone that can specialize in a certain activity and create their expressions an artist. A cook preparing a meal with an appetizing appearance, an artist painting a beautiful painting, or a football star breaking a tackle for a game-winning touchdown all have the performer- the artist- in common. Some societies use art in a more drastic form, such as religious activities, and it symbolizes great meaning. For other societies, artists perform their talent in exchange for money, and make a career out of it. The artists don't aim to create their art for themselves, but for others to see as well. Art plays a great role in our civilization, and it's important to respect and admire the artists that augment our lives. Both modern and ancient civilizations use forms of art and their cultures because it enhances their society.

So what is art and their cultures? Langer explains in her article that art is about feelings which we all share as a culture, not just those thoughts and ideas of one person. If the term art cannot be defined by one person, but instead a group, it's a wise to look at the actual term 'culture'. Culture has several meanings, ranging from a group of people and their behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought. It means intellectual and artistic activity and the works produced by it, and even can be used referring to soil.

In cultures, certain "arts" are created, established, and sustained by other artists. These artists are composed of people that are informed and educated and can exchange and discuss ideas and procedures. Coaches can be considered a culture that expresses good strategy and discipline skills, as well as fine leadership. Culture is expressed through man-made art in our world which helps us to understand ourselves and meanings. We also have the power to shape and change our culture into new and better notions. The first paintings were probably in a cave somewhere. Then may have come water based paint, which paved ways for oil-based paint and better brushes, which lead to computer imaging software.

Technological advances such as this made art more widespread and allowed more people to try and experiment with different art forms. Ideas and new technologies open doors for art that before could not have been expressed in the same way. The human mind invented art and its ways, so we should have the ability to make it into whatever we want it to be and how it works. Art is created by these artists and sometimes portrayed into symbolic meanings so people can enjoy their piece and get a deeper understand for ...
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