Identity Crisis

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Bi Racial Identity Crisis

Bi Racial Identity Crisis


For the purpose and objective of making significant amends and drawing viable and justified conclusion, we shall discuss the concept of discrimination in great detail. Generally when it comes to discrimination, it clearly implies the concept of making preference and intending to one commodity, item, person or even a situation over the other. This phenomenon generally occurs in our daily lives; from schools, colleges and universities to even more professional settings such as the corporate world. Now when it comes to discrimination, there have been several forms and types that prevail within the context of our routine that we face. These include racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, employee discrimination, ethnic discrimination and discrimination of religion at the same time (Twine, 1996).

Identity Crisis

Identity crisis is the condition of being uncertain of one's feelings about oneself with regard to one's character, origin, goals, etc. as a result of growing up in a disruptive and fast altering environment. The identity crisis of Africans has always been a never ending problem. No matter what circumstances and problems they may face or how successful they maybe, their lives have always been patented with the impression of being an 'outcast' (Poston, 1990). Even in today's modern world of constant, rapid and immense development and expansion, people still have made rigid and strict distinctions and demarcations regarding the treatment of black and white as separate entities.

Slave masters sleeping with the slaves

Slaves were indoctrinated into Christian religion. Special chapels were built where the men and women were educated. These shrines were used unceremoniously to espouse the owner's attitudes and beliefs. Much of the teaching was taken from the Bible, where the slaves were told to submit to their masters, serve them and not steal, lie or rise up against them. Such conduct was deemed blasphemy against God.

Rape by the slave owner on a slave woman was not uncommon in the American South. Any objection by the slave woman's partner would earn him a flogging. In one instance, a man had his ear severed from the rest of his body after attempting to reprove their owner (Renn, 2008).

Special treatment given to the lighter skinned black children

For this specific phenomenon, the term 'colorism' has been coined, which implies discrimination that has been undertaken for the purpose of intending varying social treatment for people of different skins. Colorism actually began in the United Slaves during the times frames of African-American slave trade and the Middle Passage. The event of extending special treatment given to lighter skinned black children was termed 'the brown paper bag test', a practice that has been undertaken by African-Americans and Creole fraternities and sororities, who opposed and oppressed presence of people who were otherwise 'too dark'.

People belonging to this school of thought would condemn the induction of such people in universities, any fraternity, domicile or any vicinity which was otherwise established for the purpose and objective of developing the masses into a much intellectual ...
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