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Illinois Department of Aging

Executive Summary

Illinois Department of Aging assists the elderly to live independently in their own homes and communities. With the aging of the population, services and programs for the elderly must continue to develop and, because longevity means more time to improve the quality of life. In order to provide services for the elderly, we must also for their families and population aging real education of young people, so there is an intergenerational focus of our program. The aging of the work area of management agencies, community-based service providers and the elderly, Illinois, aging, and strive to improve the quality of life for current and future generations-old Illinoisans.

Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Illinois Department on Aging is to serve and advocate for older Illinoisans and their caregivers by administering quality and culturally appropriate programs that promote partnerships and encourage independence, dignity, and quality of life.”

Key People

Executive Office

John K. Holton (Director of Illinois Department of Aging and Member of Governor's Cabinet and is considered as an ambassador for millions of older people living in Illinois

Mary Killough ( Deputy Director

Portia Iley ( Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Parker ( Public Information Officer

Director Office

Barbara Halstead ( Administrative Assistant

Brett Chiaro (Legislative Liaison

Sara Han ( Human Resources Administrator, EEO/Ethics Officer

Division of Community Relations & Outreach

Lisa Zuurbier ( Manager

Elizabeth Delheimer ( Senior HelpLine Bureau Chief

Division of Finance & Administration

Dennis Miner ( Chief Financial Officer/Manager

Sarah Harris (Budget

Bernard Clancy( Information Technology

Kathleen Michals (Service Development & Procurement

Division of Planning, Research & Development

Sandra Alexander Manager

Robin Morgan Medicaid Waiver

Elton Arrindell CCP Budget/Data Analysis

Division of Home & Community Services

Joseph Mason ( Manager

Lois Moorman (Elder Rights

Sally Petrone (State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Jody Martin ( Training & Development

Division of Circuit Breaker & Illinois Cares Rx (CBRx)

Jennifer Reif ( Manager

Allen Smith (C.B. Control

Rachel Washington ( C.B.Rx Hotline


According to the actual budget of $650,611.6 allocated to general funds, the recommended budget for 2013 is $814,758.9 that expects to bring an increase of 10.5%. Allocated other state funds for 2012 were $8,445.0 and the recommended for 2013 are same. As far as the federal funds are concerned, the enacted budget funds for the year 2012 were $76,810.4 and the recommendation for the year 2013 are $84,528.3, which is an increase of 10%. Overall, their recommended budget for the fiscal year 2013 for all funds is $$907,732.2, which is an increase of 10.3% from the previous fiscal year. From the spending perspective the goals median income for the year 2012 was decreased to $37,231.3 from that of $40,769.8 in 2011 and they further aim for $37,286.3 in 2013, which is a slight increase from the amount, allocated in 2012. For self-sufficiency improvement, they have a recommendation of $118,604.8 for 2013, which is an increase from the figure of $101,662.7 in 2012. Recommended budget for Rebalance long-term care delivery toward community-based care for year 2013 is of $751,596.9, which is a considerable increase from the figures of 2012 of ...
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