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Advertising has affected creativity in the last decade. Media has played a powerful role in shaping the perception of the world. Individuals resist in maintaining exclusive personality and self understanding separately from influences of media which is becoming more and more difficult. In almost all developed countries which has emerged, a line of research within gender studies focusing on forms of representation gender roles in advertising. However, there are differences in men and women naturally but most exaggerated by society. The foundation of numerous newspaper and magazine features the distinction between the female and male abilities with the multi tasking of map reading and from parking to expressing emotion can be traced to variations in the hard-wiring of their brains at birth.

Thesis Statement

“There are differences in men and women naturally but most exaggerated by society”


Manufactures and designer of the Barbie doll had already existed in some doll "models" as Bleuette, in the early twentieth century, and many others, it seems, since the fourteenth century. In this Barbie sense may simply reveal the existence of a cycle life of dolls, a cycle in which the doll-baby, alternating with a doll model. However, the original Barbie is stated for many other features completely new: her looks sexy pin-up, a success for over thirty years, the symbolic nature of his character and, finally, its global spread. The doll is a game for children in two senses: it is a game that is played by girls and that has traditionally been subject to a chilbino. Looking at the minivan commercials, the preparation of these commercials requires different environments, the advertising agency take a fragment of reality, has recreated a sociocultural environment of male, rebuilding what happens within groups of male friends, clowning is present, the bluff, the "fight" between them, competition, aspirations, expectations (Messner, Pp. 477).

Boys are more rugged in attitude, whereas girls are more elegant, sophisticated and delicate, so as to compare Barbie doll adds to minivan commercial, girls are more into parties, gossip and in home staff which the creator show in the advertisement, however, boys are more in sport activities carrying heavy armaments with black color ( The doll is a breeze in both senses of the term is a game played by children and has traditionally been a child. Nevertheless, it is also an adult game because the child looks to the future and in the traditional role of mother. ...
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