Impact Of External Business Environment On British Airways

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Impact of External Business Environment on British Airways

Impact of External Business Environment on British Airways


One thing that is constant in this planet is change. Every aspect of this planet and of our lives is suspected to change. As the world is moving at a fast pace, different technological, economic and social changes are taking place so in order to be successful it is imperative that one should evaluate him or her self from time to time. These changes can be of a diverse sorts and nature, for a company these changes can be external and internal. An organization can only be prosperous and sustain its triumph for longer time duration if they pursue these changes suitably and react to these changes instantaneously (Dooley, 1999, 358).

In this report, I would be discussing the impact of some external changes on the organization in detail. I will select an organization and will discuss how the changing external business environments have an effect on the organization and how the organization responds to the changes. To discuss and critically analyse the impact external environment elements I have chosen British Airways.

Organization Description

In 1919, the first British Airline Company was established. During that time, there were various small airline companies functioning like British Marine Air Navigation, In-stone Airlines, Handley Page Transport, Travel and Aircraft Transport. All these organizations faced great competitions from external force and for overcoming those massive competitions, these airlines merged together and formed British Airways. British Airways is a full service global airline, offering year-round low fares with an extensive global route network. The airline flies to and from centrally located airports and offers flights around the world.

It is one of the British Airways most efficient tactics that they try to keep the representation of their organization well maintained and strong. To make sure that their image remains good, the organization has developed certain policies. For instance, in order to continue their good public representation, their strategy is to participate in different media activities and social media (Dooley, 1999, 358). Continuous contact with various newspapers, magazine and channels through press releases maintain them in media's good books. To sustain their good representation with the consumers, it is vital to value and appreciate them through their numerous marketing plans which includes customer loyalty plans and executives club.

Impact of Business Environment Factors

There are certain factors that cause changes in the internal and external conditions and surroundings of an organization. These changes are categorized as internal and external changes. There are certain factors in the external and internal environment and surroundings that cause these changes, these factors are known as internal factors of the business environment and external factors of the business environment. In following paragraphs, this paper will be discussing these external factors and their impact on the chosen organization and how that organization responds to those changes. Following are some of the elements of the external business environment which can have an impact on any organization (Hill, 1997, ...
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