Impact Of Homer's Writing On Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Impact of Homer's writing on Gabriel Garcia Marquez


One of the most famous works of early Greek era is Homer's Odyssey. It details the journey home from a war hero, Odysseus. His return means many adventures, many of them carrying food for thought. The sirens are an episode that must be overcome. This episode contains many prevalent themes that recur throughout the work. Although the variety of episodes differs in terms of characters and environments, most are based on similar patterns of plot and theme. The issues that were emphasized in oblivion, the willingness to risk pain for pleasure, women and temptation. When comparing the episode with a lot of sirens of Ulysses' other adventures, we can observe the emergence and recurrence of these issues. The most obvious comparison to be drawn between the episode of sirens and most other adventure is the theme of oblivion . The same idea is repeated in Odysseus' adventures with Calypso, Circe, and most importantly, the Lotus-dining.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

The central theme of the novel is the destiny intertwines intimately personal. Which is its spirit, the authority of loneliness, madness, peace or death, all temperaments are born to suffer. Critics may say that seems to be a law for the whole world that even a single person on the Buendia family is guaranteed.

Critical discussion

The history of the labels along one hundred years in the life of Macondo, a small village founded by José Arcadio Buendía and is used by all sports springs out of variations on the name of his parent, his children, Joseph Arcadio and Aureliano, and grandsons, Aureliano José, Aureliano Segundo and José Arcadio Segundo.

The novel began as a popular form, with the common challenges that continue to operate in many parts of the world. Or, if these practices (and communities) have been supplanted or hidden, magical realism writers can revitalize their fictions. 1

Along with these, there are some women, too, the two Úrsula, a handful of Remedios, Fernanda, and Pilar, that efforts to remain stranded even men like building castles in the air. If a book needs to be very funny and very tragic at the same time, then one must go to the "One Hundred Years of Solitude", because the properties are in essence.

As in the novel, The civil war wraths across the road, breaking hearts, broken dreams, and loss of life, however, the effect is literary sentimental, with the penalty call bleeding through the round pulsating colors of García Márquez's magical reality.

He plays a little of the realities of political power through history and wars of Colonel Aureliano Buendía. With the advent of political divisions and party, Macondo is immersed in the political situation in Colombia, which reflects primarily the administration wars.2

Take into consideration, for example, the ghost of Prudencio Aguilar, whom José Arcadio Buendía had exterminated in a fight. This is the shadow of the lonely man that disturbs the Buendía house, the restless search for water with which to make his wound free of dirt or ...
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