Impact Of Information Technology On Management

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Impact of information technology on management


It won't be wrong to mark the twenty first century as the century of information technology. Information technology has played a significant role in improving the management and performance of organizations. In this paper we are going to analyze the impact of information technology on management globally. Information technology has helped in redefining the vision of global corporations which is the crucial constituent of the global corporate strategy. Information te3chnoolyg has played a major role in effective management of global talents in a diverse environment, along with that it has also played a major role in improving the management of the global supply chain.

Impact of information technology on management


Advancements in the field information technology along with the rapid globalization of businesses, both are opportunities and realties of the twenty first century. The term information technology refers to the facilities and technologies which have enabled efficient processing, transfer, and storing of data. This does not only includes the computers, but it also includes certain facilities such as; fax, online libraries, data base systems, telephone networks, and mailing services. Internet could definitely be explained as one of the manifestations of this facility. The rapid growth in the globalization has generated the need of integrated strategies for the promotion of organizational change technology and entrepreneurship (Roy, & Sivakumar, 2007).

Currently, businesses have become more competitive by several aspects, among which are: increasing production efficiency, improving the quality of its products and services and any positive response has to be immediate customer needs. In order to achieve these objectives many businesses have used the help of information technology, which have had a positive impact on the performance of the functions of these companies. There are ways to measure the impact that investment in information is having for business in question and whether or not assessable invest what is being paid by automating their processes


The impact of information technology on society has been of great importance, every day we find technological improvements that helps us to improve our way of life, as an example we mention the people location services, where we can publish the photo of a missing person and this can be seen by thousands of people not only in the country where lies, but anywhere in the world, helping us to conduct a more thorough search network and reaching a greater number of people, also, we can mention the creation of the Internet (World Wide Web) that have been created as a means of exchange of scientific information has become a means of reported so effective that anyone can exchange information , photos, songs or software anywhere in the world at any time, without the need to meet in person (Guthridge, & Komm, 2008).

However, all these technological changes are growing at a rate so fast that they have created in society "acquired needs" and new ways to interact and communicate. Currently it is impossible to imagine a person without a cell phone or a ...
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