Impact Of Large Dams

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Impact Of Large Dams

Impact of Large Dams

Social and environmental impact of large dams in Southeast Turkey

Background of the research

The dams reviewed in this paper are open to question and the assessment of their social impacts represents a challenge. This paper examines environmental and social impacts of these projects as well as the specific community problems in Southeast Turkey. In my term paper I would like to look at history of large dams in southeast Turkey. The period that I especially would like to look at is from 1993 to the present, particularlybecause there is a continuous armed confrontation between Kurdish rebels and the Turkish government. This period is especially important for southeastern region and its people.

Project objective

My objective is to try to disclose and identify whether large dam projects in this region has positive or negative consequences for its local people. One of the important projects is the Ilisu dam project. In this paper I will also examine large dams and its impacts upon ancient cultural sites, natural resources, and its significance to rural areas, as well as conflict between Kurdish people and Turkish government. Additionally, I will also look at the survival of communities now living in or recently displaced from reservoir areas. A large proportion of this unique region's ecological balance would be destroyed by dams. Additionally, there are continuing concerns among independent geologists about the nature of the rock in the reservoir area.

Project Cycle

The project cycle of a large dam is complex. There are unexpected and consequences from the decision making process that extends over decades. Therefore, one must examine in detail with objective approach about this kind of complex project. I strongly believe that it is worthwhile to look at the cost to families, groups and the local environment.

Review of Literature

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