Impact Of Religion, Spirituality On Depression

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Impact of Religion, Spirituality and Social Support on Depression


This paper describes how much religion influences the feeling of happiness and what its components create this effect. It is also interesting to see what groups of people to the greatest extent already make use of its advantages and what factors being related to it. An important aspect of the operation and development of society is its spiritual life. It can be full of rich content, which creates a favorable atmosphere of the spiritual life of people, good staff morale. In other cases, the spiritual life of society can be poor and inexpressive, and sometimes it in a truly spiritual vacuum. The content of the spiritual life of society manifests its true human nature. After all, the spiritual (or spirituality) belongs only to man, distinguishes and elevates him above the rest of the world

Impact of Religion, Spirituality and Social Support on Depression


The spiritual life of society is very complicated. It is not limited to the various manifestations of human consciousness, their thoughts and feelings, but every reason to say that their consciousness is a core, the core of their personal spiritual life and spiritual life of society.

The main elements of the spiritual life of the society include the spiritual needs of people to create and use appropriate spiritual values, as well as themselves spiritual values, as well as spiritual activities to create them and the whole spiritual production. The elements of the spiritual life should also include a spiritual consumption as the consumption of spiritual values ??and spiritual relationships between people and their interpersonal manifestations of spiritual communication (Meissner, 2007)

Thesis statement

The paper discusses about is religion spirituality and social supports on life satisfaction and reduces depression and the impact of religion among individuals.


Prayer and anything related to spirituality is a sensitive subject that combines elements of cultural and social, moral and ethical as well as religious and scientific. In this context, it may be useful to clarify the meaning of some terms.

Prayer is a communication or openness to the sacred, the transcendent, non-material aspects and that transcends individual existence. Whereas, it involves a belief in forces larger than it does, active in the whole universe and the intuition of a unity and interdependence with all that exists. It often leads to the development of personal value such as comparison, altruism and inner peace. Like prayer, spirituality can be with or without a religious (Loewenthal, 2008).

Physicians should they talk about the spirituality with their patients

Although, according to US surveys, over 80% of people believe that prayer or contact with God can be therapeutic, and nearly 70% of doctors say their patients are applying for religious phase terminal, only 10% of physicians inquiring practices or spiritual beliefs of their patients.

Increase Life Expectancy

The relationship between religious involvement and mortality has been the subject of review. The authors concluded that there is a clear link between these two variables in the US ...
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