Impact Of Social Technology On The Psychological And Social Behavior

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Impact of Social Technology on the Psychological and Social Behavior

Impact of Social Technology on the Psychological and Social Behavior


The topic that gets used to create an understanding on the social cause is the effect of social technology on the human psychological and social behavior. However, there are several notions that get affected by the use of social technology in both ways negative and positive. Moreover, this topic is selected because of enhancement in my learning and generate notions to understand about the social technology factors.

Social technology has greatly contributed towards the personal and professional development of individuals around the globe. It is at present potential for a person to be just as effective in disseminating information, both convincing and damaging, regarding an establishment as it is for a large corporation to encourage itself (Alcorn, 1997). The social technology that appropriates the immediate and comfortable dispersion of information, but these communication channels are in part enabled by social technology.

Social technology has opened up new opportunities for organizations to market their products and services for users without breaking them. Social technology sites have a loyal customer base is very large (and increasingly important), which makes it even more attractive for sellers to advertise and sell their products and services. However, during the past few years, the world has seen a massive increase in the usage of social technology or virtual communities, and a few of these virtual communities are the websites with the most amount of traffic on the internet. This boom in the use of the social technology has created a huge impact on the world overall, also on the marketers, because the marketers can use this medium to market their products in a better way and develop a better relationship with their customers. This type of marketing could be very beneficial for the marketers, because this would help companies utilize the “word of mouth” method of marketing. This report would analyze the impact of social technology and media on the marketing, and the opportunities and the challenges that they possess.


The term “Social technology” is not a new word for us, because every one of us is aware of this in one way or the other, or is a part of the social technology. Nevertheless, after the improvement in the accessibility and the enhanced technical capabilities of the Internet, the social technology websites on the internet had the chance to enjoy prosperity in the past few years. Until the year, 2006, the social technology website ““ has managed to surpass the Internet giants such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo! in terms of online traffic to be declared as the website that is accessed most often in America. This landmark achievement of MySpace is the result of the increase of online traffic on their website over the last past few months.

At the same time, the causes for the current, exceptional growth in the popularity of the social technology websites vary to a great extent, because the online social technology have existed ...
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