Impact On Environment

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Impact on Environment

Impact on Environment


As human development, human impact on nature is increasing. Increasing industrialization caused a lot of irreversible damage. Today, we already know that our planet will survive if the world will be undertaken for the protection of all natural ingredients. Each of us is responsible for the state of the environment in which he lives. In this paper I intend to present the positive and negative impact on the actions that I can take to protect environment. First of all, I started by explaining the concept of protecting the environment. Encyclopedia explains the term as follows: the process of stopping the biological equilibrium or at their''. Here raises the question of how man affects nature, and how can I protect? The answer to this question is not at all difficult, and we should look for it in the immediate vicinity. The man is a piece of living nature, but his work since the beginning of human history has an impact on all natural ingredients (Su, 2007).


Positive Impact on Environment

Following are some of the positive points that basically based on my positive impact on the environment, I try to take care of nature and the environment in my garden and I have some advice for you, and you can take care of it:

First cancel or significantly limit the use of chemicals. The number of pests in your garden, try to limit using natural methods. For example, ladybugs, which are a delicacy most aphids, can lure in advance, spraying plants under attack by these pests, every few days, water and sugar (half tablespoons of sugar per liter of water).

Second do not buy products containing peat. Make your own compost. Extraction of peat bogs destroys fragile ecosystems and their restoration is simply impossible. Therefore, in your garden do not use peat to fertilize the soil.

Third if I can build a pond. Pond is a great way to create a garden or on a small plot of wildlife oasis. The garden rates do not have to be big - just for the old sink with one side covered with stones, after which the frog escapes easily from the water. Place in a shallow pond garden birds are used for bathing and watering, especially on hot days.

Fourth remember the birds. Plant the shrubs and trees, to invite you to his garden as many winged creatures. When planning a spring garden or plot device you can think about the birds visiting them in the autumn and winter. They will then look bushes on which the winter are fruits such as, for example, sea buckthorn and hawthorn.

Fifth in a quiet part of your garden, leave a small pile of wooden blocks. This "wooden retreat" may become home to many insects and mammals, such as hedgehogs.

Sixth set the barrel in the garden and collect rainwater to it. Watering plants with rainwater you limit consumption of tap water.

Seventh I convinced my parents to set up on the roof of our house solar ...
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