Implementation Of The Health Education Program

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Implementation of the Health Education program

Implementation of the Health Education program


The main purpose of this paper is to implement a health education program for communication theory in the topic of Synthetic Marijuana (Spice). The paper discusses different factors helpful for the implementation of health education program and discusses the importance of these factors in planning phase. The paper is also a discussion of different ways through which these barriers can be overcome and the ways to effectively use these factors to enhance the effectiveness of this program. It is also a depiction of different challenges associated with the delivery of health education program and the different strategies to be used in the implementation of health education program.


Communication is one of the important elements in healthcare. Proper communication can be helpful in giving rise to health care awareness. The proper communication of health care facilities can be helpful in increasing knowledge and awareness of health related issues and the negative consequences of different products for health. This program is designed for promoting effective communication in order to enhance awareness about the use of marijuana spice.

Factors Hindering Effective Implementation

In order to properly implement the health education program of communication theory in synthetic marijuana spice it is necessary that all the efforts should be made to effectively implement this. However, there are some factors that might foster in implementation of the health education program. The main factors serving as the hindrances are given below:

Lack of financial resources

Lack of human resources

Attendance Problem

Lack of active participation

Lack of proper training

Importance of these Factors in Planning Phase

In order to conduct planning session it is necessary to keep these factors in view and develop the strategies. There is a great importance of these factors in planning phase of health education program. Given below is an overview of all ...
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