Implementing Oracle In The Company

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Implementing Oracle in the company

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This paper focuses on the implementation of oracle in the company. The paper discusses the procurement and full implementation of Human Resource Information system for the Buckeye Green Builders, Inc (BIG).

Implementing Oracle in the company


Buckeye Green Builders, Inc (BGB) is a boutique design and construction company specializing in the development of sustainable, environmentally-conscious projects for residential and commercial clients. Based in Miami, Florida, BGB was founded in 2005 by Architect William Brown and his partner, John Oliver. In FY2009, BGB's annual gross revenues exceeded $100M and they employed more than 500 individuals, ranging from design professions, construction managers, as well as laborers and construction crews. BGB projects accelerated expansion between 2010 and 2015, with projected gross revenues topping $1B by 2015 with an employee base of 5000. Bgb has implemented ORACLE ERP HCM version 9.1for the new project. This paper includes the brief overview of the product offerings using oracle.


This project discusses the overview of the product, timeline and pricing. It provides the overview of the product offerings which includes main functional modules. Furthermore it discusses a brief review of the reporting functionality of the product. The current competitive market of the product and plan for the next few years is also a part of discussion.

Project Scope

The scope of this project includes the procurement and full implementation of a comprehensive Human Resource Information System through Oracle HR software that includes the following components: HR Administration; Employee and Manager Self-Service; Performance Management; Benefits Management; Compensation Management; Training; Applicant Tracking; and report generation, including all filings required for compliance. The system is scalable to meet the needs of the business during accelerated growth, and has the capability to interface with ADP payroll and our accounting software, Deltek Vision.


On the basis of size and complex structure of the Buckeye Green Builders, Inc (BGB), Oracle HR software is developed to procure and fully implement a comprehensive Human Resource Information System. The software is designed with the fully supportive package of supporting a paperless complaint environment. Oracle HR software is designed to develop and maintain comprehensive personal information. The software helps to save the time with the use of the office assistant. The office assistant is responsible to maintain and check a database for the missing information, personal performance evaluation and a work permit. No matter the size of your business, small medium or even Fortune 500, Oracle is the answer to all your HRIS challenges.

Oracle is Human resource Information system software that suits PeopleSoft enterprise applications. The product offers the following main functional module in support of human resources operations at Buckeye Green Builders:

Functional modules

Benefits Management

Multiple beneficiary programs are established and managed with Oracle, accordingly. The product is capable to define providers, beneficiaries and rates. It can also calculate coverage's and premiums. The plans for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), Health, Life and Disability insurance, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), savings (403b), Health Care reimbursement and Dependent care reimbursement.

Employee and Managers Self ...
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