Importance Of Nursing Theory

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Importance of Nursing Theory

Importance of Nursing Theory


Nursing theory is the title related to the set of facts and acquaintance that is accustomed to endorse the practice of nursing. It is a frame of work planned to put knowledge in order and describe the trends and events in nursing career, with an extra particular and a tangible intensity. The theory of nursing is a body of ideas, descriptions, interactions, and postulations or proposals

Based on the models of nursing from additional regulation and plan and develop a purposeful, logical perspective of observable facts through building up particular and definite interactions in between the ideas for the aim of defining, giving explanation, foretelling, and/or recommending.

Every regulation encompasses an exceptional hub for development of knowledge that leads its investigation and makes it distinct from further specialties and manures of learning (Smith & Liehr, 2008). Practices, based on evidences and guided by theories, are the trademarks and major characteristics of discipline of any profession. Simultaneously, nursing is a specialized regulation too. Near about 90 percent of every theory of nursing is formulated in the most recent 20 years. Models of nursing are theoretical representations, made up of ideas and assumptions. A paradigm is a form that explicates the associations of philosophy, theory, and science acknowledged and executed by the regulation.

For this paper, the selected theory of nursing is the Bowlby's Theory of Attachment that elucidates in detail its role in children with disability. This paper recognize the worth of realizing attachment theory in supporting parents and care givers deal with a disability in children, take into consideration the perspective of anti-disability taking disabled children into account, give a frame of work to help out practitioners in social work in taking care of children with a disability.

Analysis of Importance of Nursing Theory

Attachment theory is the most powerful theoretical influence in contemporary studies of relationship between parents and their infants. John Bowlby was the prime proponent of the theory. He put forth as an extremely innovative mind and an inter-disciplinary manner to the read of children and their sentimental growth. Logical peak of his work was the main language that now known as "attachment theory." Thinking of Bowlby has its extraction in psychoanalytical thinking, predominantly in the prominence on the importance of premature connection among child and parents figure. Though, he added significant concepts of evolution and ethology. In his opinion, the tendency to construct sturdy sentimental relationships to a specific entity is the fundamental constituent of nature of human, before now exist in embryonic structure in infants (Bowlby, 1988). Under the influence of Freud and Darwin, Bowlby explains that the root of the human person lies in early childhood relationships. He explains why the Department of Child educator should cause so much trouble. He explains why the distress caused by this separation does not stop immediately contact restored. It also explains why a significant setback or injury in these relationships can constantly shape the child's development.

Bowlby's attachment theory arose from his desire to ...
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