Improvisation Aided By Computer Interaction

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Improvisation Aided by Computer Interaction



The research questions are the important part of the research study that takes into account different aspects of the research topic and analyse the topic multi dimensionally. The topic of the study that is improvisation aided by the computer interaction is an important concept that has been studies in the past but only to some extent. The improvisation has been largely used within the concept of music and is mainly concerned with the creation of music that is unique and impulsive in nature. In this section of the study, the research questions have been designed in such a way that can highlight different perspectives of the study. The ability to improvise represents one of the highest levels of musical achievement. An improviser must master a musical language to such a degree as to be able to spontaneously invent stylistically idiomatic composition ions on the spot. This fear is one of the pinnacles of human creativity, and yet its cognitive basis is poorly understood.

The research questions are as follows:

What is the knowledge base necessary for improvisation?

How is this knowledge acquired?

How is this knowledge used in performance?

What is the different aspect of the improvisation?

What are the benefits of the computer interaction aid within the improvisation?


The research method that has been used in the study is the qualitative research method. The qualitative research method is usually based on the analysis of the data through the content analysis if the interview approach has been adopted or the analysis is based on the past studies of literature. The qualitative research methods provide important implication of the research topic as it underlines different aspects of the study and analyse it in depth.

Research Methodology

The research method that will be adopted within research study is the qualitative research method. The qualitative research method is an important research methodology that will be performed by taking into account the analysis of the past studies based on the improvisation aid by the computer interaction. The secondary data will be collected through number of online web sources that is a reliable approach and takes into account the past studies based on the related topic.

Methodological Approach

Different methodological approaches have been adopted by the researchers for carrying out research study on various topics. The frequently used methods in these research studies are the qualitative research approach, quantitative research approach and the mixed methodology approach. The single methodological approach that is used by the researchers in their studies helps them in analysing the topic thoroughly in only one of the ways that is either qualitative or quantitative. However the suitability of the research method with respect to the research topic is an important factor that these researches look at while adopting any research methodology and carrying out research on that. The mixed methodology has also been adopted by the researchers in their studies in order to analyse the topic through multiple ways.

Research Approach

The research approach that is used in the present ...
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