In Flight Recycling

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In Flight Recycling


Recycling is the process of taking materials that are no longer needed and turned them into new products that can be used. The benefits of recycling include reduced environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions, economic savings, and job creation. A variety of products can be recycled; the complexity of the process depends on the materials being recycled and those being generated. It is important to keep in mind that recycling is the last step in waste reduction: the first step is reducing consumption of products, the second step is reusing the products that are consumed and the third step, as a last resort, is recycling products that can no longer be reused (Lund & Herbert, pp.99-102).

Problem Statement

Environmental pollution, one of the dangers that we face in our lives, and even worse day after day since the beginning of the surge of industrial first of the last century, and if they do not notice the world it will happen unless the dire consequences of ecological disasters. As you increase the power of man over nature and new needs appear as a result of living in society, the environment around it deteriorates more and more.

Technological progress, on one hand and rapid population growth on the other hand, produce environmental change, in some cases threatening the ecological balance of the Earth. Note that there is an absolute incompatibility between technological development, the advancement of civilization and maintenance of ecological balance, but it is important that men know harmonization. It is therefore necessary to protect the renewable and nonrenewable resources, and awareness of the environmental sanitation is essential for life on the planet.


Pollution is one of the most important environmental problems affecting our world and arises when an imbalance occurs as a result of the addition of any substance into the environment in an amount such that adverse effects on man, animals, plant or materials exposed to doses in excess of acceptable levels in nature. Benefits of recycling a large and important to the wastes that come out of the business and development activities is a challenge of Garbage and reduce the impact of waste on the environment and reduce operating costs.

The Aviation industry has shown a tremendous contribution to mitigating the risk of global waste. There are millions of discarded plastic bottles, which are found on board the aircraft, which results from the flights and this brings in containers in the recycling plants separated for recycling. The New York Times reported that the waste left over from the flight was behind it, which led to the enormous contribution to the aviation industry at the global level. In the recycling of waste in flight, flight companies get rid of millions of discarded plastic bottles (Peter, Allen & Darby).

Recycling procedures vary from airline to airline and from one airport to another. Environmental programs are involving many of the actions taken by the 552 U.S. commercial airports, which have its own way of dealing with waste. Recyclable products include many types of plastics, textiles, glass, ...
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