India V China-Growth Comparison

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India V China-Growth Comparison

India V China-Growth Comparison

For the purpose of this assignment, we have selected India and China. To complete our research we have used various databases such as ebscohost, Business Source Premier and resources available online. Influence on globalisation on various aspects such as financial, economic and political of Indian and Chinese economies have been covered.

China and India, as the two bright stars developing country and the leaders of the world's most future potential, are now compete in Asia. It is well known that the 21 st century belongs to Asia, which valued the double action to make a comparison between China and India. Therefore, to understand and analyze the basics of this country, two are in a very important position not only to understand the regional situation, but also see the direction the world. My report focuses on who may or may not in India will surpass China in 2030 or 2040. Five aspects of both countries, including politics, economy, and culture, military and social status will be presented and compared to draw my conclusion on the subject. At the end I'll try to make some tips in the stable development of both countries y.

Emergence of globalization goes beyond the emergence of capitalism. Long before the concept of capitalism had been a number of markets in China and Europe were connected by the Silk Road. In the current context of globalization are not only cross-border activities or multinational extension of transactions between countries (Paul, J and gills, K, 2007). Economic globalization is only part of the broad category of globalization. In a broader sense, globalization is the flow of information, money, goods and services, movement of people across borders and cultural exchange among countries (Porter, K, 2008). In an article in the New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman argued that the world is flat in relation to globalization, said that around 2000 the world entered a new era. He argued that "globalization 3. 0 is shrinking the world from a small size to a tiny size and flattering to the field at the same time "(Paul, J and gills, K, 2007).

Institutions like the IMF and other international agencies are monitoring the reforms introduced by countries to support the poorest and weakest people in their societies, these differences between different states may be somewhat due to the globalization of these economies, even when not ready to face the strong implication of these reforms (Paul, J and gills, K, 2007). Other institutions like the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and World Trade Organization assisted in the economic and financial liberalization in many developing economies (Morten, S, Chris, Y, 2007).

Some of the positive effects can be seen in some of the world is that countries like India, China and other developing countries that were poor 20 years ago have developed very fast and have eradicated the problem of mass poverty of economies. Generally there has been opposition to the concept of globalization as it ...
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