Indian Relations

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Indian Relations


The European settlers were very enthusiastically welcomed by the natives such as the Massachusetts in the 17th century. On the other hand, there were people who dislike the Europeans on their shore. There were mixed perceptions of people related to the European settlers. Some were of the opinion that these armed Europeans will help them and secure them from the enemies that are way far powerful and very difficult to beat. Although the main purpose, of these people opened up when they started acting and behaving suspiciously enforcing their own laws and making natives follow it. From time to time the relationships were friendly, and even at times it shaped to be hostile, the native Indians and their different tribes after the settlement were no longer unfamiliar or stranger to the settlers of the Europe. Even though the Native benefitted the Indians from the use to new technology and the diverse means of trade, the infection, sickness and disease that they brought along with them and desire for capturing the land which the early settlers also carried, posing a serious threat as well as a challenge to the Indian settlers deep-rooted system of life (Russell and Howard pp 36-76).

There were one after the other many, fights between the native and the settlers that made the lives of the native very difficult. Despite several problems and issued created by the settlers there were still many who were in favor of these people. The Indian settlers not only fought with the powerful European settlers but acquired their land back from them. After this scene, the relations between the Indians and the European settlers along with the different colonies were not considerable.


It was after ten years of the European settlers that their main objective came into the scene. There were two main objectives of the ...
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