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Indian Restaurant

The Business Study of Indian Restaurant in the UK

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Aims and Objectives3

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Part a. Positivism3

Part b. Constructionism4

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Sampling Design4

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Research Ethic Principles5

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Part a. Approaches for Data Collection8

Part b. Quantitative Research8

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The Business Study of Indian Restaurant in the UK


'Taj Mahal Restaurant' is a sixty seat fine dining restaurant with a twenty seat 'shisha lounge' that offers hookah services. The new business focuses on typical Indian cuisine with a touch of Asian influence, and combines together with an exclusive offering of shisha. Taj Mahal Restaurant serves delicious recipes of Southern India at affordable prices. The grand thali and the Shisha lounge is the specialty of the restaurant. Consumers have a choice of curries with meat or vegetables. They are served with daal, rice, raita, two dishes with vegetables, poppadom, the mango chutney, salad and chapati, all for less than 10 pounds. The new restaurant is expected to be located in the booming, and rapidly expanding, borough of Bristol. The business will be implementing promotional strategies such as special theme nights to attract new customers.

The restaurant will provide fine dining in a cosy atmosphere which is heavily resided by Asian community. This community prefers to eat typical Indian cuisines and Taj Mahal wants to capitalize that opportunity by offering savoury delights. This will contribute towards the popularity and reliability of the restaurant and cater to the changing tastes of the growing Asian community. The starting of the restaurant in UK will ensure that the team hired for the restaurant will be evaluated on their skills and expertise; the management will also make sure that their skilled employees are properly trained and motivated towards their work. However, the management of the restaurant consisted of the individuals who have their expertise in food and cooking, most of the individuals selected have their previous working experience of around fifty years as well. Management team are hired on the experience based related to food, hotel and restaurant management, catering, finance, art and motion pictures and marketing. These key success factors combine to support and develop policy service restaurants in the heart of which are respect for the promise (concept, ambience, and food), the regularity of the performance and, more increasingly, the inclusion of societal constraints, particularly illustrated by the communication policy of the signs of restoration in the U.K. food industry (Taylor 2002, p. 55).

The highlights of Taj Mahal Restaurant rest on two broad themes: the introduction of Asian taste including new Indian dishes to the growing Asian population in Bristol and the Shisha Lounge that will provide Hookah services to the interested customers. This highlights along with the quality of service and food; can produce a winning combination for Taj Mahal, which will not only sustain the business but provide a long-term competitive edge for the offerings in the industry. The company does not want to compete on price, since the cost of food constituting the menu is high. However, the differentiation of its ...
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