Indigenous Knowledge And Australian Heritage

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Indigenous Knowledge and Australian Heritage

Indigenous Knowledge and Australian Heritage


Australian heritage is very rich in culture due to the large number of Aboriginal communities. These people have very diversified culture and tradition. There are a large number of communities which are living in this place. These were the people mostly residing in Australian continent. All over the world there are different other communities of these people in different countries which include New Zealand, Canada and America.These people are living in these places for many years even then these people have maintained their separate identity by preserving their culture and heritage (Behrendt, 2012). This separate identity and different culture and traditions have created the problem for these people. This created the problem for these people that they were not accepted by the local communities. These people suffer the problems regarding their basic rights for education and health. This directs the attention of various organizations towards problems of these people. This requires proper data and information of these people. This requires the need to develop proper system of Indigenous Knowledge. This is the system of collecting complete data about these people and assist in utilizing these data and statistics for various purposes.


Important Steps Implemented In Recording or Researching Indigenous Australian Knowledge to Ensure Protection of Cultural Rights

There are various steps that can be taken to while recording and researching the Indigenous knowledge. All these points will ensure better results to ensure the protection of cultural rights of these people. This is the most important point to consider the perspectives of these people, what are the measures and ethical issues while recording and collecting the data, the impact on ownership and most important what is the impact of their relationship with the Australian people.

Indigenous perspectives

The concept of Indigenous perspective defines the views and thoughts of these people about different events and issues. It includes cultural awareness and stereo typical life style of these people all over the world. This requires proper learning and better understanding of these people in different assessment tasks. These tasks assess the ability of the students to understand the culture, history and knowledge of these people to be implemented in the professional practices. The life styles of these communities are very different from the native people. These people generally those who migrated into these territories and then it has been years that these people are living at these places but keep their culture and heritage preserved. Most of the communities of these indigenous people live in the New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America (Nakata, 2002, p. 281-290).

These people have various cultural, traditional, social, racial and other differences. Despite the fact that these people are living in these places for thousands of years but even then they have maintained their cultural and traditional differences. These people are also very important for a country to maintain the ecosystem and to provide benefits to the economy of the State. Most of the local communities involved in maintaining the forests and other ...
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