Influence Of Media On The Society's Perspective Of Beauty

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Influence of Media on the Society's Perspective of Beauty

Influence of Media on the Society's Perspective of Beauty

Today the media affects most of us than ever before. That not only effect on children, but also makes a great impression on adults. Today, mass media and has been a great source of learning about what's in style and beauty, how to decorate our homes, what detergent to use for dishes, what to feed children , what car to buy and what not.

All women in these magazines have a great look that is tall, skinny, slimming and sexy. None of these women are overweight or weight should be. It is very normal for a woman to be on a diet today. Every woman wants to look like the models we see in these magazines. Both cosmopolitan and illuminate the ideal weight is the same for women. In the eyes of our society women like Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and Julia Roberts are the epitome of perfection. What girl or women want to look like them? Or what man wouldn't want their girlfriends or wives to look like them? Unfortunately, a number of women who want to look like them. (Rhodes 2006)

The other thing i notice, in the magazines was the way sexuality is shown with the help of women. The advertisements in these magazines were very interesting. The way these people businesses sell their products are amazing. They use women and beauty to sell cars, hair products, body products, perfumes and what not.

Another example is Cool cigarettes. They use women to sell their cigarettes indirectly young men, that women's place in the notice as the man in the corner shows a pack of Kool cigarettes in their hands. This announcement also can be misinterpreted by the sex that sold in today's society. Sex has become one of the popular themes from television to magazines and is obscene or unflagrant. The use of ads around & the use of sex is a tactic hidden in the sale of their products. Today not only women, but younger girls age nine to teenagers want to dress like women in magazines. They want to wear short miniskirts with tank tops belly shows. They are healthy and want to use as women in the magazine. Both magazines write articles to attract men and to please in bed. They are teaching young ...
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