Influences On Teaching And Learning

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Influences on Teaching and Learning


'Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave'


Teaching has been long influenced with the notion of spreading knowledge, education and learning towards people of all ages and sizes (Cottrell, 2008, 85). For all those individuals who have been working long and hard in the understanding, methodology, delivery and improvement of the teaching systems, they have made through contributions for the analysis, realization and have tried to make a mark of the contributions they have done in the field of educational and learning respectively.

Teaching and Learning shall help us mould the future of tomorrow, which shall help us identify the purpose and objective of making significant amends and also help us identify the leaders of tomorrow, who shall keenly display and portray effective traits of leadership respectively. Today more than ever, the concept of leadership takes effect as an indissoluble part of the development of culture that is growing in each of the organizations in which man expresses, under new symbols and manifestations, the state of society in which they live.

Leadership is a phenomenon recognized by all but rarely stated and shared, it gets to the point of being considered as a challenge to the old remember youth, and parents yearn for, the police search, the experts claim, the artists disdain, the scholars wish, the philosophers reconcile with the term freedom of theologians to reconcile with the consciousness of politicians allege and bureaucrats have claim to possess.

The truth is that both sides, especially the latter (the leaders) need to mobilize human talent, the ability to think and act to implement change processes generally frustrated by the limited role assigned to individuals as a participant other decisions that affect or involve the majority, these cases leading operating crisis paralyzing or undermining the development of any organization.

Leadership occurs wherever there is a stable community of people. The word "leader" means "leader", "leading." Despite the seeming simplicity of this concept in modern science, in the presence of common starting points of different authors, leadership is characterized ambiguous. Leadership differs from management, which involves quite rigid and formalized system of relations of domination and subordination.

The significance of leadership to guide the organization raises the question of the effect on this phenomenon. Leadership is necessary to manage (as possible), i.e. to provide leadership, to develop constructive and eliminate destructive leaders, to further the process of formation of the Institute's leadership in the organization. Leadership role in managing the organization today is enormous.

Achievements of module specific learning outcomes

When discussing the rules and procedures of learning that we currently study and work on, one must keep in mind that all those rules have come from serious and tedious workload, struggle, consensus, arguments and even developments that have root from individual analysis of teaching methods and instruments that have been practiced from a certain period of time.

When discussing about teaching and learning, one thing should be kept in consideration that no matter ...
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