Informatics In Nursing

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Informatics In Nursing

Nursing Informatics


Technology is playing an integral role in every leading sector worldwide. Integration of technology with the healthcare sector has revolutionized the overall conduct of the healthcare system. Sustained improvements can be attained through the incorporation of information technology. Technological boost has influenced the health care sector with a number of outcomes, such as that improved patient care, better documentation, enhanced research on health care practices and improved relevant education.

The concept behind the discipline of nursing informatics is the incorporation of all the nursing knowledge, information science, computer science and nursing science to manage all the data and knowledge in an efficient patient care delivery. This concept was first recognized in 1980s. Nursing informatics is used to process the human data, knowledge and information in a computer to facilitate overall nursing as well as healthcare activities. Nursing informatics ensures quality, patient safety and cost-effective services. It is the effective, and the efficient manner to promote the flawless patient care outcomes.


The Informatics nursing makes use of technology in all the activities of health care and nursing which help them in order to perform their duties. It is a broad term which also covers the use of information technology as well as computers in relation to provide better care to the patients, administration of relevant as well as effective health care facilities and the use of knowledge and education to practice the nursing efficiently.

Nursing informatics revolves around the use of technology and communication, computers and methodology, in order to support the overall conducts of health care settings such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry (Mandil, 1991). Nursing informatics ensures the facilitation and integration of all the information, knowledge and relevant data into the nursing practice that helps in better patient care and help nurses and other health care practitioners to make a better decision on the basis of that information. According to Bakken et al., informatics has improved patient safety as well as enabled evidence-based practice (2005). Nursing informatics is basically the application of information technology in nursing service, nursing research and education (Scholes & Barber, 1980). According to Ball & Hannah, information managed through the nursing informatics helps to make the better decision for the health care of patients (1984). Zielstorff et al. asserted the importance of technology in the nursing process (1993). Understanding the integrated role of science, information and nursing and managing and practicing them in a right way, helps to get the positive nursing outcomes that result in improved patient care (Graves & Corcoran, 1989).

Nursing informatics specialists

Nursing informatics is also known as Nursing Informatics Specialists. They get a special training to assist, manage, organize, interpret and communicate the relevant flow of information. They normally work in the information system department and are skilled and competent in three key domains:.

Basic computer competencies: They should have the understanding of the actual technology networks. Such as, they should know how to operate personal computers, software related to health care system and portable devices. They must know the concepts of ...
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