Information Systems And Technology

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Overview of Information Systems and Technology

Overview of Information Systems and Technology


The present era is the age of information, innovation and revolution. Knowledge prevails and technology pioneers its way in businesses and other institutions (Licensing Executives Society, 2001). To cope up with the emerging challenges of the competitive world, IT companies and other organizations need vital solutions to their businesses.


Establishing an Information Systems and Technology in Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization

Information Technology is concerned with the field of computers and technology. It is the integration of knowledge and information with the technological age to achieve further ease and improvement in work. IT refers to the information acquired, processed, stored and disseminated through the usage of computers and telecommunication networks.

Within an organization, Information Technology is implemented for the purpose of boosting the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness (National Research Council U.S, 2004). There are several types of IT solutions, which typically include data warehouses, ERP, Office Automation and some other.

Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization is the company providing the data and networking solutions to all sorts of large, medium and small-scale businesses. It provides data management and software designing services including installation of applications and complex networks.

The name, Riordan Manufacturing Virtual is ethical to use for the company, because it does not reflect any indecency or immorality. Moreover, it gives the idea of the company's business by mentioning the word tech' as a part of its name. It is the original name and has not been copied from any other firm in IT industry. Moreover, the company's name does not represent any religion, sect or any other controversial issue or group, thus proving it accurately ethical.


In Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization, system works with a long mission of “becoming a global leader in IT market by deploying its core competencies and guaranteeing utmost customers satisfaction”. This mission outlines the purpose of the company's existence and forms the fundamental block of its meaningful objectives (Glenn, 2007).

The mission statement has been designed keeping the ethics of business in mind. It considers complete customer satisfaction and takes care of their values and rights.


The company visualizes itself to be the top firm having a leading position in the competitive world of IT industry. Its products and services include:-

ERP Business Solutions

Marketing Information System Software

Office Automation Service Package

Database Management Resources

Network Planning Software

Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization also assists in installation and after-sales services of other hardware and peripheral devices. It provides customized and general-purpose software solutions for small scale businesses and domestic uses.

The products of Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization are ethical and do not cater any harm to the end users or to their resources. They are not directed at the customers' personal life or an intrusion into their privacy. The content developed in the software is not meant to be unethical or immodest. It is all for the proper use of business and is not supposed to be copied or transferred illegally anywhere else.

Code of Ethics

Every business is liable to prepare a code of ethics and instruct its employees ...
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