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Information Technology

Information Technology

Phase II

Summary Report

Because of the tremendous growth of the Internet it has become popular for people, such as pre-school and primary school students, and browses the web pages (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2007). Ministry statistics show that the number of primary pupils who use the Internet is increasing every year. For example, reaches 70 percent of those between the ages of 6-12 years the Internet in Japan (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2007). Further analysis shows that in 2007 30 percent of preschool people and 50 percent of people under the age of eighteen years of age has already begun, on the Internet in Japan. Given this situation, the age of starting to use the Internet to reach young people, and most people are now on the Internet in everyday life. Identify people aged between four and ten years.

In some studies, the traditional, the information processing characteristics of people and the following is clear.

Properties on the processing of information for people:

Are the people interesting information instead of pulling a lot of information (Ueoka and Hirose, 2008) to look for?

Provide a small amount of information increases the level of understanding (Kikuno, 1998).

enhance the learning experience fun (Anderson, 1980).

People prefer web pages that contain images, such as cartoon characters (Kikuchi et al, 2002).

People prefer not to web pages that contain the words tough and thick lined with signs (Kikuchi et al, 2002).

Although the people have difficulty in understanding the concept of categories, they can understand if specific examples are available (Tamura, 2000).

Because of these characteristics, the people find it difficult to surf the Internet, and listening and learning the content of the Web with difficult words such as news pages. There is no current web browser and include these characteristics and preferences.

Currently, there seems to be popular, that people look to Web pages for people rather than browsing to the general public. Web sites for people, such as people of Yahoo (, are friendly to people, because they show the text with simple phrases and many images and animations. However, a number of these sites on the web for the families of small people, and therefore still limited compared to the information available on the web as a whole. Although the public web pages a lot of useful content (for example details of the messages), and people easily get bored reading long texts, and can not be understood because of the difficult expressions. People also tend to lose motivation when you surf the sites because of these difficult conditions and attractive modes of presentation. People are not the best use of the Internet, although they have a large amount of information to learn (and Gerzog Haugland, 1999).

Internet Explorer called the browser, and web pages of public convert them into a child-friendly based on the features mentioned above and the design and implementation of a Web browser for people. The Internet Explorer is found in the browser and the underwater scenery, and the ...
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