Initiation/ Conversion

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Initiation / Conversion

Initiation / Conversion


Majority of the leading religions in the West (Isla, Judaism, and Catholicism) entail an aspect of conversation to them. An individual sheds his / her former belief and proclaims that he / she is now following the new code of belief, which implies that he / she is converted and currently believes in what other people of that new religion believe in. Certainly, some variances are present, because each individual from a specific religion is not generic and does not believes in the same faiths unconditionally. Nonetheless, the conversations occur and in such processes one proclaims his / her faith in the new doctrines and dogma, and closes the door of his / her former system of belief. Such a system is normally limited in belief of the person with the religion in which he / she is converted into. This paper discusses initiation and conversion in a holistic context. In addition to this, the paper even explains the three stages of initiation / conversion, and explains how initiation / conversion are illustrated in the chosen example (i.e. the movie by the title of 'Malcolm X').


Conversion, in Judaism, Islam and Christianity means giving up the former religion of a person and adopting a new system of belief. The reason is confidence that the religion, in which a person is being converted into, is truer as compared to the previous religion from which a person is being converted. Even though, converts are frequently permitted for blending in the non doctrinal constituents from their indigenous culture, because in actual fact people need to identify the religion in which they are being converted as the truest one. This trails from belief in the 'One God, One Truth' philosophy of these Biblical belief systems. An individual optimally gains such a belief by an epiphany or by reading and understanding its dogmas. Nonetheless, few people change their religion for reasons that are less profound like social or economic gain, or in order to marry a person believing in some other religion.

There are three stages by which the spiritual life training directs to a specific initiation degree. However, the information given below is just suggestions extorted from a more intimate and still deeper doctrine. Specific practices facilitate a soul for attain to conscious intercourses with the spiritual world. This tradition specifies that the three stages are:


Enlighten, and


Nonetheless, it is not essential that every preceding stage needs to be accomplished for the subsequent one to begin. Within specific contexts it is probable to participate in initiation, and also in enlightenment, and in some contexts the commencement would occur in the preparation phase (Duggan & Kelly, 1991). Nevertheless, it would be essential for spending specific durations in the preparation stage prior to the phase of enlightening could start; and in any case, in some context, the second stage has to be accomplished prior to the possibility of entering in the initiation stage; although, to describe them it is essential that all the three phases ...
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