Innovation In Mobile Phone Industry And Its Impact On Consumer's Buying Decision In Delhi, India

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'Innovation in mobile phone industry and its impact on Consumer's buying decision in Delhi, India'



In this study we try to explore the concept of “innovation in the mobile industry, and its impact on consumer buying behavior in India” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “the buying behavior of the consumer, how they respond advancement in the mobile technology”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “innovation in the mobile industry and the behavior of the consumer to responds the innovation taking place in the mobile industry of India Delhi” and tries to gauge its effect on “global market”.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction1

1.1 Overview1

1.2 Overview of Mobile Phone Industry2

1.3 Objectives of Study3

1.4 Knowledge Process:5

1.5 Organization of the report5

Chapter 2 Review of Literature7

2.1 Consumer Behaviour7

2.2 Consumer Buying Behaviour10

2.3 Innovation16

2.3.2 Market-oriented definition17

2.3.3 Consumer-oriented18

2.3.4 Product-oriented18

2.4 Types of innovation18

2.4.1 Continuous Innovation19

2.4.2 Continuous innovation dynamics19

2.4.3 Discontinuous Innovation20

2.3.2 Market-oriented definition20

2.3.2 Market-oriented definition21

2.5 Significance of Innovation23

2.6 Product Development Procedure23

2.6.1 Consumers and Life Cycle of New Product25

2.7 Consumers Most Likely To Buy New Product29

2.7 Adopter Categories31

2.8 Brief Critical Review of Mobile Industry in India32

2.9 Innovation in Mobile Phone34

2.10 Summary of Literature Review41

Chapter 3 Research Methodology43

3.1 Introduction43

3.3 Research approach45

3.4 Research design46

3.4.1 Data Collection Method46

3.5 Purpose of Research49

3.7 Sampling53

3.8 Sampling Limitation54

3.9 Ethical Considerations55

3.10 Summary56

Chapter 4 Analysis of findings57


4.1 Test of Normality57

4.2 Descriptive Statistics59

Part B: Demographic Characteristics59

4.2.1 Consumers Behaviour towards Mobile Phone59

4.4 Summary78

Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendation79

5.1 Conclusion79

5.2 Discussion of Future Advanced Technological Mobile Phone81

5.4 Managerial Implications82

5.5 Recommendation for further research82


1: Questionnaire100

Appendix 2: SPSS output103

Chapter 1 Introduction

The main objective of this chapter is to present to the research topic, the history of the mobile phone industry in India, the objective of this research and the structure of the report. The aim of this research is the impact of technology on the mobile phone of the consumer to study buying decision. The research is mainly based on a survey of consumers in India at Delhi, India, had seen the purchase of a mobile phone.

1.1 Overview

In recent years the mobile phone is the most popular and widely used means of recent communications and the world has changed in personal and professional life and became very close. Mobile phone is the primary key of the telecommunication development. The portability and ease of use features of the phone, people can communicate with them, when and where they want. It gives clear picture of product innovation in the mobile phone market in the world. To add more about that it was said, the communication is actually extended to new media and recent communications, and personal digital assistance from the incredible development of mobile phones (Karjaluoto et al., 2005, 32). After Betje (1998) innovations tend to something new in the industry where the products or services produced unique, distributed and consumed. Innovation in the cell was after the invention of integrated circuits began. “In recent decades, various methods of communication are used. As technology has created new forms such as the telegraph, telephone, telegraph advanced and has arrived in the image as a recent ...
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