Installing Condom Vending Machines In High School In Usa

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Installing Condom Vending Machines in High School in USA


Condom Vending Machine (CVM) in High School in USA can play a big role in saving many students lives. CVM is also a name of the company that is going to invest 10 million dollars to start a new business of safer sex in High School of USA. This company CVM is a family start-up business that specialises in importing vending machines and commercial sex & beverage equipment from UK. We will penetrate the vending industry with innovative, first to market, high quality vending machines. High School will establish its own vending routes in the Northern and Western New York region. High School also plans to participate in the $31 billion sex industry by supplying high-quality condoms to young students. With the establishment of one strategic alliance (Joshi, 12-22) with a national brand name in either of our vending lines, High School expects to easily provide safer sex practices to both male and female students.

The Company

CVM's mission is to be the leader in introducing innovative, quality condom vending machines to the students. Through close customer contact and excellent relationships, CVM with direct support of High School management will meet the needs of students wherever they are. CVM is a privately-held company and maintains an office and a small warehouse in a mixed-use area of North-West, New York. Three of the six investors in the company have full operational responsibility. Jorge Michael and Julia, the co-founders, have both entrepreneurial and industry experience. Charles Robert brings operational management and financial skills to the operation.

The Products

CVM will have two product lines, each for the various markets it serves. Our vending products line will include our unique Condom Express machine, our Condom machine and our Multi-line Dispenser. Our company equipment products will be condoms only. Most of our products, such as Condom Express are innovative machines that have functions and advantages not found in today's common condom vending machines, thus providing CVM a competitive advantage over more established competitors. (Vending Machine Business Pros and Cons)

We plan to aggressively enhance our existing line in the future. Our immediate plans are to include a larger model of Condom Express that will offer a greater variety of Condoms, and a more diverse product line, such as Durex. Other products are in the exploratory phase. We are also pursuing supplier relationships with large nationally-branded Condom manufacturers, to customise our machines ...
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