Installing New Network Pc Computers

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Installing New Network of PC Computers Developing and Information System

Installing New Network of PC Computers Developing and Information System

a- Executive Summery

Large number of organisations currently make use of computer based information systems. These organisations vary in size, and in the aims and objectives that they are attempting to achieve. For example they may be: business organisations which are trying to make a profit by providing a product or a service; charities trying to raise money or highlight a specific problem;

service organisations such as the health service. Special interest groups such as animal welfare or environmental groups trying to change public opinion clubs and societies such as golf clubs or social clubs.

With regard to the installation of Decision Support Systems at ABC company, These objectives may sometimes be difficult to identify and may not be the objectives which the organisation publicly adopts. Sometimes there may be contradictions between the different objectives of the organisation. ( Zackman, J. A. 2002 pp. 276-292)

In order to achieve its objectives an organisation must decide on what policies to implement and what actions to take. It must monitor the effects of those policies and actions and decide whether they are helping to achieve the objective and if necessary take corrective action.

If we look at a business organisation we can see that its main objective is usually to make a profit in either the long or the short term though other aims such as defending market share may also be important. Within a business there are usually a range of identifiable functions. While in a small or one-person business they may all be carried out by one individual, in large corporations, departments consisting of several hundred people, perhaps, may be committed to a single function.

In the main, large organisations consist of different departments, each of which has specific tasks and duties to carry out in order to achieve the objectives set for it by its board of directors or senior management.

b- The Initial Report

Organisational decision-making depends on a number of factors, but principally on the type of decision to be made and on management philosophy and behaviour. Since we are normally concerned with the purpose of the decision making process within organisations it is convenient and practical to view this in the framework of the accepted structure associated with management. The following three levels are usually identified:

Operational Management

Tactical Management

Strategic Management

It is interesting to note the characteristics of the decisions made and the information on which they are based at the different levels. At operational level the information required arises from mainly internal sources, while at strategic level the information is almost exclusively external. The net result of this is that computer based information systems have tended to be developed in order to take the operational decisions since the data is readily available and is reliable.

Another influence is, of course, the mechanism for reaching the decision. At operational level the decisions which, while being frequent in number, are usually structured with simple ...
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