Instructional Plan Final Project

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Instructional Plan Final Project

Instructional Plan Final Project

Destination Imagination seeks to develop creativity, teamwork and problem solving experiences for young people by good teaching internet, presentation and databases for final project plan.

Presentation Software

This would be a good strategy for final project plan. A good drawing board is a necessity to get smooth results. Parallel motion drawing boards are the most common and have a horizontal rule to assist in accurately setting out a drawing. Usually drawing boards come on a freestanding frame that can be adjusted for the preferences of each user. Media is the name given to the material that is drawn on. Tracing paper is a type of translucent paper (Vergason & Anderegg 2001). It is made by immersing unsized and unloaded paper of good quality in sulfuric acid for a few seconds. The acid converts some of the cellulose into amyloid form having a gelatinous and impermeable character

Tracing paper is a semitransparent medium and it comes in various grades.

In the past tracing paper was copied using a two stage process, ammonia copier or dyeline copier which needed the transparent qualities of tracing paper to work successfully. Nowadays plain paper photocopiers are much more common as they are practical and economical. Drafting Film is similar to tracing paper, but has a recognisable waxy shiny finish. Its advantages are that it is strong, virtually tear proof and resistant to moisture. Copies can be made like tracing paper. Linen cloth is a media that is no longer used in the modern industry. Therefore this would not be used in any projects.

A pencil is a draftspersons main working tool, it is vital then, that he uses the correct pencil for the correct drawing type. The five most used are, B, HB, F, H, and 2H - B being the softest and darkest and 2H being lightest and hardest. Soft Rubber Erasers are used to for rubbing out pencil lines.

Templates and Stencils provide common outlines of objects at a range of typical scales. curves can be drawn smoothly with a French curve or “flexi-curve”. Drafting tape is used in order to secure the medium to the board. It is applied to all four corners and removed at night and replaced each morning. This is all the manual equipment that the company would need to produce manual drawings. Creating drawings using CAD it is important to have the right computer Hardware and Software (Stump 2002). The current hardware requirements for Computer aided design are:

A central processing unit (CPU) whose speed is at least 3 gigahertz. And, a compatible operating system such as Microsoft Windows.

An operating disk capacity of 2GB of RAM and at least 2GB free hard drive space.

For presentation purposes a visual display unit with a resolution of 1280x1024 and display adapter of 32-bit should be used. An additional 2nd monitor could be used to increase productivity.

A reliable mouse and keyboard is the mouse common controls but some may opt for digitiser pads or ...
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