Intercultural Management: Training And Awareness Is The New Challenge In The Multicultural Hospitality Industry

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Intercultural Management: Training and Awareness Is The New Challenge in the Multicultural Hospitality Industry


I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible.


This reviews the recent research on the technology information in hospitality industry. The analysis revealed three main areas: the effects on the Internet distribution; on pricing interactions and consumers. Similar after the dot com boom, the hospitality industry is realising that technology has effects information unintended prognosticators and are often wrong.

While the articles review, provides the sound advice for hospitality operators, rich flow of future research academics, rigor poor and lack of relevance to the newspapers reviewed stress research tends worrying hospitality in.

Table of Contents



Purpose of the Study5



Research limitations/implications6

Practical implications6


Information technology and distribution7

Electronic distribution7


Information technology and pricing11

Online pricing11

Hospitality consumers and information technology14

Online consumer decision making14

Website layout and design15

Customer relationship management17


Research Method22

Sample Size23



Learning styles32

The influence of culture34

Change over time36

Contemporary cultural diversity38

Human resource challenges39

Communication challenges41

The curriculum challenge42


Tomorrow's graduates: training requirements49

Educators' requirements49

Programme content/learning outcomes49

Programme assessment and methods of delivery50


Chapter I: Introduction


Managing diversity is about acknowledging that workforce comprises of the varied community of people. Management of workforce diversity is only “mediocre”, and note insufficient diversity management practices, particularly in localities of recruitment, assortment, training and development.

The varied workforce has captivated important concern from management theorists and hospitality researchers.

There was report about 25,000 of country's hospitality workers are non-nationals, and matching number for United States is approximated at 2,000. This diversity embraces “… dialect, heritage, rush, nationality and religion”. Cultural diversity in workplace rises mainly when non-nationals are engaged to rendezvous work shortages. The motivation is mostly financial migration, but humanitarian and communal migrations furthermore form multicultural work force. (Adams,2001)

Employers face numerous trials in accommodating these workers who often have distinct work and life method expectations. Immigrants may be highly accomplished and possibly in demand from the broad variety of commerce, but there is the inclination for them to go in work market by inn and building sectors. This proposes that hospitality study has power to announce the variety of other disciplines, encompassing immigration and communal policy. The development of cultural diversity in hospitality workforce outcomes from the blend of international or worldwide components and situation inside owner homeland environment.

Study Purpose

This paper aspires to discover possibilities and trials faced by hospitality employers in accommodating the heritage varied workforce in United States.


Design / methodology / approach

This is an exploratory paper founded on meetings with hospitality employers in United States. It hunts for to response inquiry “What possibilities and trials does the heritage varied workforce conceive for hoteliers in United States?”



This study best features promise of worldwide workers as an invaluable new source of work for hospitality industry, supplied that they are correctly looked after and managed.


Research Limitations / Implications

Future study could investigate function of multicultural management in guaranteeing enterprise advantages affiliated with cultural diversity.


Practical implications

The study proposes significance of the affirmative proactive management scheme and answers ...
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