Internal Communications And Hr Staffing

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Internal Communications and Hr Staffing

Internal Communications and Hr Staffing


The purpose of this paper is to deal with internal communications and HR staffing strategies. In this paper, we are going to expand medium-size, private college that has received a major endowment of worth five billion dollars which is large enough to change everything about its operating paradigm. The school is planning to expand the size and scope of its undergraduate information technology and business program offerings. In order, to expand college we have to focus on internal communication and Hr staffing. Internal communication includes all communication actions implemented within a company bound for its employees. Internal communication is based increasingly on marketing communication techniques. Thus, the definition of an internal communication strategy is very similar to that which is made for the external communications strategy (Nadler, 2004).

In this situation of expanding the college, it is the responsibility of the Director of Human Resources, because the internal communication policy is considered to be more related to personnel management at its simplest information. In other organizations, internal communication is the responsibility of the Director of Communications, as seen as part of the overall communication policy, including the overall consistency is held paramount. If, for example, we speak of human resource strategies, we would be talking about strategies related to company personnel, carried out to achieve specific goals related to human resources, and who have some difficulty in formulating and execution (Gatewood, 2011). Examples of strategies for human resources could be hiring new staff, using new techniques of motivation, the use of new training program, etc.


As we know that whatever industry you belong to any organization, human resources costs account for over 40% of the total. According to many experts, organizations lose money because of errors such as strategies that are not consistent with the policies, systems inefficiencies and disparities, and otherwise missed opportunities by not properly motivate employees and their behaviors associated with goals and objectives of the organization. The use of the opportunities, reduce the waste of money across many disciplines and tools that leverage the compensation and motivation, this is much more evident when used to predict future costs of human resources, not only in wages and compensation, but through other motivational techniques can be applied (Clampitt, 2005). Many critics warn business organizations invest in the search for tools to improve the processes of compensation and motivation in terms of time, money and resources and to provide improvements, and adequate information to refine them. The college is expanding, new staff will be recruited there will be lot more things and the school had no dedicated HR information technology applications so we are going to invest on System of Human resource (HRMS).

Human resource management System

College's global solution in terms of human resources will be designed to manage the workforce with ease and accuracy. As it is based on a unified database, it has never been easier to manage employees, to recruit and prepare reports. It would be easy to share ...
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