Internalized Racism And Racism

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Internalized racism and racism

Internalized racism and racism

Internalized racism

It is very much important to know about the internalized racism occur when people subjected to racism are forced, and pressing them to accept the distortions created by it. Every one of those who have been the subject of Racism has struggled since childhood, for as long and as hard as he could, to be defined as a good human being, intelligent, strong, important and powerful. Despite all this effort, attitudes racism in our societies are so harsh and harmful, and are so widespread, that we have been forced sometimes direct racism toward us and accept us as part of the conditioning apparently, and internalize and racist ideas. 

Examples of internalized racism appear everywhere. For example:

• Using the same racist messages of our societies, or we allow others in our group do.

• Racism has made ??us physically attack them from each other, and we unload between people in our same group anger we feel for the existence of racism.

• Racism has made ??to last relegate personal welfare. We were unable to think in one's physical and emotional health, and have made ??us so vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, and other conditions such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, HIV / AIDS, ulcers and other.

• Racism has made ??us to find fault with our creatures and misguided attempts of disciplining and avoid expressing pride or satisfaction with themselves. Although we motivated the interest in less vulnerable to racism, we have left, however, defeated and more angry.

• Racism has made ??us feel hopelessness, despair and anger, feelings we can leaving them vulnerable to the lure of alcohol and other drugs, and lead them to seek "relief" of those feelings, even though we know that this will cause further damage to us and us and our families.

• Racism has caused different racial groups to which we belong fight against each other by what appears to be a shortage of resources has meant that our young people to fight in gangs.

• Racism has caused some and some of us to join our group and be racist institutions participants in their communities (Haugen, 2008).

Due to Racism people get the understanding of being isolated and become victims of categories divided and based on behaviors or lifestyles, and we believe some and some are "better" or "more legitimate" than others and others and we think what other people our group. A better of little by little and make decisions to eliminate and heal the damage we have caused this manifestation of racism. No antidote to these forms of dictatorship and racism, as rooted in everyday life that resemble the air you breathe. Perhaps if the indigenous and popular constituents, rather than awaiting instructions from their bosses, might approach their foundations speaking their own language, and interpret their demands fully, could begin to overcome the rarefied atmosphere and tragic confrontations that seem to be leading the Constituent over the cliff. Blackmail of oligarchies and elitism of the leaders would be held back by the force and self-management and the will ...
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