International Branding Strategies

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International Branding Strategies

The International Branding Strategies of Hotel Indigo and Holiday Inn


In this study, we try to explore the concept of the loyalty schemes and, their effectiveness in two of the famous hotels in the United Kingdom in a holistic context. The focus of the research is to perform a comparative study regarding the contribution of the loyalty schemes, marketing strategies and customer retention and management strategies in the hospitality industry. Moreover, this research report analyzes the many aspects of the increasing efficacy and effectiveness of the hotel industry of the UK. The brand strategy is vital to the future expansion of the chains. The future of brand strategy in the global hospitality industry revolves around several concepts.

Discussion and Analysis

The purpose of this research is to analyze the impact of loyalty schemes in the hotel industry, specially focusing on the analysis of this impact in the UK between Hotel Indigo and Holiday Inn. It should be that the strategy based on branding is relatively new in the hospitality industry. The first hotel brands appeared not so important, even after the post- war. It is for this reason that the branding has only recently begun to be treated as more than just a name on the door a hotel. In contrast, virtually all leading hotel chains claim currently develops its strategy of branding and multi branding. Potter (2004) stresses that the brand, or more accurately, the success or failure to build a brand, is one of the main topics in the hospitality industry. They are no longer only the franchise chains investing in brand value, but different hotel operators are accepting the value of brands is one of the most important assets in generating profits (6).

Compare and Contrast the International Branding Strategies

Holiday Inn

The main absence in all leading companies in the high segment of the market is Holiday Inn hotel chain, a company that has brands Holiday Inn Plaza. Holiday Inn located in this market segment. One reason for this is that Inter Continental segments to their hotels between the various brands it owns. Thus, InterContinental hotel brand of the company to cover the highest segment market, i.e. a product of five-star hotel located in large cities (Brotherton, 2003, 90).

Their Beliefs

Finally, Holiday Inn is the workhorse in the middle segment of the market. It also has the presence in the United Kingdom under the brand Holiday Inn Garden Court, Express by Holiday Inn. Court, although the latter will be drawn between Holiday Inn and Express by Holiday Inn. The company has appointed many of its brands with the prefix Holiday Inn. Plaza was Holiday Inn Crown Plaza and Holiday Inn Express era. However, from 1998, some changes made in these two brands. Holiday Inn Express can be emphasized marketing word "Express" in marketing campaigns and representative symbols and logos and corporately the company started talking about the brand "Express", indicating that the prefix Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn may be eliminating gradually (Holiday inn, ...
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