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Distinguish between the role of Criminal Law and Civil Law in relation to the English Legal System and analyse the purpose the law is attempting to serve in this area.

Criminal Law

Intention of Criminal Law

The aim of criminal law is to double-check that every civilian understands boundaries of agreeable perform in UK, for demonstration it is apparently improper perform to rob from another individual - thereby it is essential to have criminal law of theft under Theft Act 1968. (Alan 2007, 58)

This apparently concerns to other criminal infringements for example killing and rape.


Wrong contrary to Society

A break of criminal laws enforced by humanity will be glimpsed as the incorrect contrary to humanity as the whole. Therefore if boundaries of agreeable perform in UK has been passed by an individual and that individual has been apprehended they will face prosecution by state and will obtain an ample penalty for example the fine or in some cases imprisonment or the community sentence. (Newburn 2004, 18)


Cases conveyed in title of Crown

Proceedings for the criminal case will be started by policeman and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) but will all be conveyed in title of Crown.

A criminal case will generally be held before the magistrate in the Magistrates Court or the referee and committee in Crown Court. (Anthony 1999, 85)


Elements to crime

The rudimentary assumption engaging criminal liability is that there is both the mental component and the personal component to offence.

Examples of this If we gaze at crime of Theft under Theft Act there is needed both the mental component - in this case being dishonesty as the inquiry of mental mind-set - and the personal component - which in this case is appropriating of property.

When looking at criminal infringement of rape for demonstration mental component of suspect is that they manage not sensibly accept as factual those victim permissions to penetrative act. Accordingly there should furthermore be the personal component which is penetrative act.


The individual suspect of crime will be called defendant.

Standard of Proof

One of most significant components to be cognizant of in relative to criminal law is that defendant will be presumed blameless until it is verified that he is guilty. The benchmark of verification which desires to be shown in alignment for defendant to be discovered at fault is after the sensible doubt.

An individual discovered at fault of an infringement will then be punished to the punishment. (Barry 2008, 25)

Civil Law

Intention of Civil Law

The major aim of civil law is to defend individuals contrary to one another identifying privileges and obligations of individuals. For demonstration if we gaze at individuals utilizing Main Street, street users have the obligation of care to other individuals utilizing road. If for demonstration one individual street client is going by car in the poor kind and determinants and misfortune which injures another, the civil assertion can be conveyed under laws of ...
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