International Compliance

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International Compliance

International Compliance

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American citizens are recognizing how the economy is unsteady and people are struggling, companies are struggling too; due to the struggle, businesses merger each day because of the failing resources or business practices on the part of poor management and forecasting in the organization. Typically when a business considers a merger it is almost the last resort. When a company merger the company needs to consider things about the buyer interested in purchasing the business and the seller who is losing the organization. Businesses have to estimate their value and provide this advice to their prospective buyers. The major role for human resources management to consider when a merger or acquisition comes about would be to work with speed to integrate staff, develop and organize top level management, assess the appropriate resources for the company, retention and reduction of staff, development strategies for new company, work on implementing open communication between the two companies, and integrate HR practices to develop a new bond for these two companies coming together.

When an organizational is in the process of a merger staff members are all on pins and needles trying to figure out if they are going to lose their jobs or have to take on more responsibility with the new company. It is extremely important to keep employees abreast of all merging matters when it comes to their jobs. It is in their and your best interest to inform your employees how their positions will or will not be affected by this merger. Once this is done the as the merger happens HR needs to develop a new employee handbook which will establish the new rules and regulations of the new company. “Although employee participation doubles in the post merger phase, workers continue to be the least involved internal constituency among acquiring companies (LI Bus, News 2000). In the merger the two companies need to work together to maintain the personnel files and combine the human resources of the organizations. The merging organizations will have to work together to develop job descriptions for all the employees using the new employee handbook and other established guidelines.

The next important matter to consider when merging companies is the development of preliminary organizational designs and identification of the top three levels of management. This is going to establish the organizational structure of the new company. The employees of the new company will know who they are to report to and who is responsible for what. Studies have shown that some organizations fail due to the fact that people are not aware of the hierarchy of the organization, and in the case of a merger it is very critical that employees know whom to turn to when problems arise or important matters arise as the merger occurs.

Then the new company needs to consider assessment of critical players and deployment of appropriate resources in the new company. When the process has been ongoing it is going to be the part of the management team, those ...
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