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Similarities and Convergence of HRM Practices in Europe

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Human Resource Management1

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Similarities and Convergence of HRM Practices in Europe


This essay aims to highlight the meaning of Human Resource Management in general and in context to its usage in the various fields to begin with. Then the discussion will pertain to follow the course to describe the various similarities of HRM practices found common across Europe, along with the discussion about the probability and need for converging with HR practices found largely common in the world.


Human Resource Management

Farnham (2010) opines that it is not easy to define the meaning of Human Resource Management (HRM) in the modern or contemporary context. This is because there is no particular framework for comprehending the various functions of Human Resources, although several HR models do exist. Nonetheless, to comment upon the general function of Human Resources in the United Kingdom, it is crucial to mention that besides Great Britain, HR activities had to re-innovate their activities and functionalities in both general and of course pertinent to different countries, continuously.

These changes had been mainly a result of the varying socio-economic factors that are beyond the control of both businesses and the respective HR managers, of several organizations. It is because of this that there exist various definitions, explanations and models concerning the different facets of Human Resources Management activities in organizations. Therefore, speaking of the many definitions being available of HRM, Farnham (2010) describes that there are HR practitioners who define HRM as a management science of employment. While another set of practitioners of Human Resources explain it to be the relationship of the management with its employees, and how well are they able to manage and maintain these employees happy and motivated to work and grow in their organization.

Brewster (2007) on the contrary opines that to understand the various principles of HRM it is necessary and best that its background or the conceptual nature of what specific HRM area to be focused upon must be carefully analyzed. Hence, in this light of analyzing HRM in its nature and role, to discuss about its nature first, Brewster (2007), like Farnham (2010), agrees that there is no agreed definition of Human Resource Management, along with the fact that this discipline course matter common or universal in nature. Hence, this leads to various books being available upon HRM principle, all having different subject matter.

Elaborating further, it is observed that if only speaking about HRM as a discipline, and then there are numerous examples available that clearly shows the defunct between the subject contents being covered by different academic scholars. Where one sanction implies HRM to cover and be composed of topics such as discipline, reward and management, while other cover in length the subject's matter of employee management, union relationships and career progression and work environment. However, if compared with America, where there is more cohesiveness or unity in the subject matter being covered of the HRM discipline as compared to that of Europe ...
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