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Internship Learning

Internship Learning

My internship search started during my first year. I knew that the internship is an important ingredient for career success, which I hoped to get. Advisers and friends have told me that the internship would be valuable to me separately from the rest.

On the first day of my internship was overwhelming. I came to the nine-storey office building which is still pending in the two levels be added. I was nervous when I was in the presence of Acting Manager, Chief, Field Engineers, and many other successful people that I hoped one day that I wanted. I became even more nervous when I had my daily activities, which consist of: a) changes in the drawings, financial analysis, and b) an audit of the accounts. Along with these challenges, there is a whole list of things that I was expected to learn how to do at the end of the internship including the obligation of calculating the length of the calculation of the budget for the debt, as well as other information that will teach me. This seems to be a structured process of development.

Although final decisions have been made by me, my head I wanted to understand what kind of things were taken into account when the above rates. Abuse of financial theory is also a contributing factor to the gap between the theory of finance and financial strategy, which could pose a problem for me. But he said that the managers can not understand what is really required to make a reliable analysis of DFC.

I was given advice on how often should I go for my duties with my supervisor and how many meetings I have to hold my head about their personal career choices I have considered. I learned how to control and schedule my work-day/week. At the end of the internship, I was used to my daily activities and has grown comfortable not only my mentor but also people on the factory floor.

As the Assistant Finance Director, and based on available information, I must:

Prepare a forecast profit and loss account.

With the forecast profit and loss statement to calculate the three relevant financial indicators for each year of the forecast.

Preparation of statements indicating the expected free cash flow for the current year for your convenience, you should assume that the tax, interest and dividends are all paid in the year in which they are incurred, and that the company is the first cash balance at the beginning of this year was zero.

Based on your findings, make appropriate comments and observations on the company's plans, objectives and methods of prediction

Do you think that company goals are linked to the objectives of maximizing shareholder wealth?

In other words, controllers must now take a leading role in strategic cost management. For the value of equity using strategic cost management, financial institutions must evaluate the product and cost structure.

Strategic cost analysis, evaluation of potential new products (e.g. insurance, banking computer) for market acceptability, potential cash flows, as well as contribute to the ...
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