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Verbal Aggression and Emotion Expression in the Movie “Easy A and Despicable me”

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Verbal Aggression and Emotion Expression in the Movie “Easy A and Despicable me”


The best way to express emotion is to speak what lies in the deep of the heart, whether one is happy, sad or angry. As sharing emotions will reduce the burden on the heart, and will aid in acquiring mental peace. People often keep their feelings inside which may affect their health negatively. Communication is the best way to express the emotions, as argue by (Ahmed, 2004) that sharing thoughts with someone helps people to reduce the mental stress. Averill (1994) mentioned in his study that expressing emotions by communicating them aid in altering / adjusting the behavior and attitudes with the environment.

This study is based on two different concepts (verbal aggression and emotion expression) which have been taken from two different movies (Easy A and Despicable me). The study will review above mentioned factors in context of interpersonal terms, concepts, principles and theories in order to reveal the level of interpersonal competence between these two factors and the relational outcomes.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is the most important form of communication for humans. Ever since a child was born, when he / she cannot even use structured language, the child uses a different form of communication to communicate with the world, which is non-verbal communication. Non-verbal form of interpersonal communication is always there since from the beginning of the mankind. (Mandelbaum, 2008) However, verbal communication is also important to express thought and emotions with others. This is why it is very important to know the essentials of interpersonal communication, whereas, circular communication model (see appendix) shows us so much easier to understand interpersonal communication.

The main intention for interpersonal communication is that sender of a message wants that his message should be reached through the recipients and s/he can simply decode the message in order to understand it. This is important because it gives an indication that many times it is one thing that people desire and express it in the message but what other people understand is different, this often occurs due to communication barriers. (Robinson, 2001)

Barriers in communication

Following are some of the common barriers (Dindia & Timmerman, 2003) that occur between interpersonal communications, which bar recipients to understand the message properly.


Environmental barriers include those elements which are in our surroundings. Environmental barriers often cause negative effect on communication and this may include physical discomfort (heat in the room, an uncomfortable seat, etc) visual distractions, interruptions, and noise (doorbell, telephone, someone with a cough, sounds of construction.)


Verbal barriers include the way of communication, for instance, people who talk too fast, or do not explain things well. People who speak another language is an obvious barrier, but sometimes even mother tongue is incomprehensible, for ourselves, either by differences in age, social class, education professionals have even two, of different interests. A doctor could not discuss medical issues with an engineer, but only ...
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