Interracial Dating

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Interracial Dating

Interracial Dating


Interracial romantic relationships are also referred to as intercultural relationships or interethnic relationships. In the United States, during the 21st century "there were approximately 1.6 million interracial or interethnic marriages" (Troy et al., 2006) The American attitude toward interracial relationships described as ambivalent and as a historically complicated issue. The interracial couple encounters attraction for both the interpersonal and cultural experience of their partners, as well as, an ongoing development of "sensitivity to a sometimes uncomfortable alternate outlook" when confronted with status themes in society (Foeman & Nance, 2002).The interracial relationship under goes a continual cycle of awareness, coping, unity, and maintenance.

Discussion & Analysis

George Yancey first coined the term “African American alienation theory” to explain why African Americans show aversion to interracial dating. This theory, however, can be extended to apply to all individuals of color in explaining why they do not typically date outside their own race. In particular, the theory asserts that individuals of color choose not to date interracially because they have ostracized from white society as a whole and because of the Eurocentric bias in determining beauty and attraction (George, 2003).

It is the artificial separation and distinguishing of the different groups that originally lead to their alienation. This meant that people of color were more likely to be rejected by society, which influenced them to stay within their own group and self segregate, the reaction of blacks to white racism that leads to their rejection of intimate or romantic relationships. People of color who have less authority and influence reject the mainstream white culture.

Beyond the general ways in which people of color have alienated or rejected by white society, the American views of beauty have also been constructed to exclude those who are not white, especially African Americans. This is important ...
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